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The Rising Menace of Cyber Attacks

Threats to Digital Users from Ransomware:

By Naveed Published 5 months ago 3 min read

In a world preoccupied with regional conflicts and geopolitical tensions, another relentless threat has been steadily evolving under the radar—the ever-increasing prowess of cyber criminals. As businesses embrace the digital realm, hackers have grown potent enough to cripple billion-dollar enterprises, siphon capital, and pilfer the data of millions of unsuspecting individuals who find themselves defenseless against this onslaught.

In recent weeks, the world has witnessed several significant ransomware attacks, where hackers demand substantial ransoms and directly menace to disrupt digital systems unless the demanded payments are met. Just days ago, news surfaced regarding a new hacking group named Ransomed.VC, allegedly infiltrating Sony, a renowned Japanese electronics corporation.

These hackers claimed to have breached Sony's systems and threatened to sell the company's data, asserting that Sony's non-compliance triggered this aggressive stance. Although Sony refrained from confirming the breach, the hackers claimed to have seized over 6,000 Sony files. It's worth noting that corporate entities often keep such cyber-attacks under wraps to prevent public concern about the security of their stored data.

During this month, another ransomware group targeted the hotel and casino giant, MGM Resorts, causing a system shutdown that inconvenienced everyone, from digital check-ins to ATM transactions. Their Wi-Fi networks and entertainment systems all bore the brunt of this malevolent breach.

Following the MGM incident, the digital systems of its rival, Caesars, suffered a similar fate. Like MGM, Caesars incurred substantial losses due to the breach, and crucial customer data, including credit card and bank account details, were pilfered.

In a time where most individuals possess electronic accounts with their deposits manifested as numbers on a screen, data theft of this magnitude poses an alarming threat. These mastermind hackers may currently target large corporations, but the data they vend subsequently enables lesser criminals to infiltrate individual accounts, holding them hostage for ransom. Failing to meet these demands results in the complete takeover of accounts. The same modus operandi is employed by other criminals aiming to compromise the social media accounts of celebrities and influential figures, holding their followers and potential earnings hostage

All these incidents underscore the undeniable fact that data will be the most precious asset for humanity in the future. Pakistani consumers, who avidly partake in online retail, inadvertently jeopardize their data by inputting it into the systems of relatively unknown companies. These smaller entities often skimp on security investments, rendering them more susceptible to ransomware and hacker incursions. Even downloading applications or games of uncertain origin poses a risk, as they may conceal spyware capable of furnishing all phone data to hackers.

Regrettably, the alleged hacking of Sony and other prominent companies serves as a stark reminder that even industry giants are not immune to criminal attacks. However, this awareness often eludes these companies.

Digital platforms now present substantial opportunities for online retailers, particularly those dealing in fashion, jewelry, handicrafts, sports goods, and spices. Nevertheless, retailers must reassure overseas customers that their credit card data remains secure from hackers to fully capitalize on this potential. If this security barrier is overcome, Pakistan's online economy can burgeon domestically and globally, with a ready-made market in the vast community of overseas Pakistanis, serving as a lifeline to alleviate the prevailing economic crisis.

In the aftermath of such a major attack, it remains to be seen how Sony navigates this ordeal. The resolution could entail clandestine negotiations, leading the Ransomed VC hackers to restore the systems after receiving a ransom, or Sony's own engineers and security experts might successfully recover the compromised systems. Either way, this cyber battlefield is expected to persist for the foreseeable future.

In conclusion, irrespective of one's identity or location, exercising vigilance and caution while inputting personal information or utilizing ATMs is paramount. Not all that appears secure is impervious to the relentless reach of hackers, necessitating a collective effort to fortify our digital citadels.

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