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The gold coin

by finntasha burgess 3 months ago in fact or fiction
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My news storys, come take a peek and leave comments!

This may seem a bit to close to the time of the death of the Queen and honestly im speaking out because of the things it may mean, maybe you guys could share your thoughts below to help me figure this out. Any so you may or not be aware that i work on a dairy farm and one day I was cleaning around the vat (for those who do not know what that is, i where the milk goes from the cows while waiting for the tanker to collect it). As i was water blasting the grey tank i bent down and discovered a two dollar coin, then i turned the coin over and saw the queens face on the back and i smiled to myself because maybe this is a sign that she was still around. Honestly i know it sounds stupid but ive never had anything like this before from the other side as you may call it? i have kept this coin because i believe it may be worth something someday maybe. if anyone has come across anything like this in the past with the same sort of meaning ect let me know

i hope you guys enjoyed my little story and if you have any comments please add below

this next blib of a story is what may come in the next while if you guys enjoy it like the story and comment down below.

As murphy put his yellow raincoat on, he noticed it was a full moon and all the stars were shining in the wide navy blue sky. As he let monty out of his kennel he was

able to make out what the time was on the clock inside his lovley warm home. This was trained into him by his father who helped on the farm before he got busy with his

own life. Monty jumped up onto the quad and murphy drove off ready to see his beatiful dairy cows. Just like every morning it was now a robot mode for murphy to do as

he set up the shed. Done now, he sped off not that fast though because his favorite pet was on the back. He got to the paddock and unlocked the tape sepertarting the

cows from the race. while the cows were on the race walking the 30 minutes that was the distance from there paddock to the milking shed. As he had nothing to do he looked up at the sky and noticed something like he had never noticed before,

as the bright moon was going down he noticed that there was a tiny star leading the big bright moon towards the end of the earth and he had wondered to himself if that was an image sent by god for an example of how he would like to see the futre for his children. Murphy then began to think about his own children the oldest, just about to leave home after

succesfully graduating high school. Murphy wondering if she was ready for that descion or he would make the descion for her.

that she would have to stay home for a couple more years because he had tried in the past to keep her safe and she has up until this moment dissapointed him. With no mother around for 3 years now the love of murphys life had died of breast cancer ever since then murphy had always plyed his children with sunscreen and sunhats.

what you were reading above was a little bit of my next story let me know if you like it, keep smiling :)

fact or fiction

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