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The Financial Revolution- And Everything It Entails

by Kene Ezeaputa 2 years ago in tech news
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Fintech and cryptocurrencies

The Financial Revolution-         
 And Everything It Entails
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

More financial products will come online in this next decade than any decade before it, so what's happening and how do I know?

Why Now? The wealth gap across the world has grown exponentially over the last 20-40 years and people are noticing, in the last year I've seen more calls against the rich, advocates for more progressive politicians and increased handouts from the government.

Speaking on that last point 40% of all U.S. dollars have been printed in the last year! (from the stimulus)That's incredible. Allot of people point to the fact that hyper inflation is sure to come out of this but maybe not. Inflation isn't as easy as supply and demand, money velocity is essentially how many times a single dollar is spent in a year, if money velocity is low it can be counteracted with money printing . I can't predict the future but I know the federal reserve has some of the brightest economic minds in the world.

The call for financial revolution started to pick up in 2008 when the housing market crashed, that's when people realized something was wrong. Fortunately a lot came out of chaos, the companies that are leading the revolution all have ties to the housing crash

Bitcoin: Launched in January of 2009 Embedded in the coinbase of this block was the text: The Times Jan/03/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.

Sofi: Founded in august 2011

Stripe: Founded in 2010

Companies leading the march

Stripe-Is plaining to be the payment infrastructure for the internet, enabling millions more people to start and operate businesses more effectivity. Stripe is streamlining the payment and financial side of business.

Humbl-Humbl is building Web 3.0, allowing people to buy and sell with no friction across borders(think about what PayPal did but bigger) and hoping to unleash millions of people into the economy by enabling them to be apart of of it. Humbl is essentially building a platform where you can own a piece of a vineyard in California or part of a farm in Egypt(which is massive since 57%+ of America doesn't own an appreciating asset other their house) . Humbl as pioneered ETX which allow everyday people to be apart of the crypto world.


Sofi- Sofi is building a one stop shop for financial services, encouraging people to invest in assets , providing debt financing, and lending.

Crypto/blockchain- Crypto will enable extremely low fee environment, private environment built on trust and reliability. When I say low fees I don't mean 2-3% I mine closer to 0.007% which will instantly increase economic output(Because people have more money). Traditionally lending is done between a induvial and a bank but smart contracts(built on blockchain technology) will enable peer to peer lending without gives out personal information like credit.


What to know

The first thing I would like to say is the world is changing at a faster pace then ever, in order to keep up with it you need to make sure you never stop learning. I encourage everyone to participate in "the new economy", try setting aside 10$ every month to invest in assets(start with stocks you know a lot about).Continue to learn about companies to create a framework for your investment philosophy, I recommend driving into companies likes Apple(aapl), Tesla(tsla) Palantir (pltr) Snapchat(snap) Spotify(spot) CleanSpark(clsk) Amazon (amzn) and Virgin Galactic(spce) I know learning new concepts can be overwhelming but just remember your brain is moldable, the more you fill it the more you can hold. Thank you for your time, I wish you the best of luck in your search for higher levels of Consciousness.

May we meet again

your friend

Kene Ezeaputa


Zero to one by Peter Theil

Disrupting class by Clayton Christensen

Blockchain 2035 by Jared Tate and Andrew Knapp

The fourth turning by William Strauss







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