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The 7 startup types-how i'm definitely a copywriter

by Abraham Verninac about a month ago in startup
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An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business and assumes all the risk. There are many types of entrepreneurs, and it may help to consider your own strengths when you're deciding which kind suits you best.

The 7 startup types-how i'm definitely a copywriter
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We've all been told the saying, "There are 7 people on a team." Well, this isn't quite accurate. Sure, if you work at a large corporation of 500 employees then there are probably 7 people on your team. However, if you're a startup founder who just raised a few million dollars in venture capital and are building the next Facebook, there's not 7 of you — heck, I wouldn't be surprised if there were double digit number of co-founders in your company.

The copywriter

Copywriters are the best at writing. They can write anything, from a simple tweet to a marketing page or email. Copywriters are also great at communicating with people in general and have a knack for understanding their audience. Copywriters are often misunderstood as "just writers" but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Copywriters are people who know how to write copy and sell things at the same time. They understand how to use words in a way that will captivate your audience, bring them into your world and make them want what you're selling. There are many different types of copywriters: technical copywriters, brand copy writers, sales copy writers, e-commerce copy writers...

but they all have one thing in common: they know how to write compelling copy that sells!

The pr maven

What kind of startup founder are you? The Startup Types infographic from InformationIsBeautiful.net takes a look at seven types of startup founders, with descriptions and examples. There are many different types of startups, but in this post we will try to describe the main ones: The Copywriter – You're not sure if it's going to work out, but you have a great idea and you love what you're doing.

You just want to get your product out there and see if anyone likes it. The Pr Maven – You know what people want before they do and you can sell anything to anyone at any time. You need no market research or validation because your instincts are so good they make all the difference between success and failure.

The designer

I'm a designer. I was trained as an industrial designer, but I've always been interested in the whole concept of design and how it affects people's lives. My dad always told me that if you could draw well and design things, then you could do anything. I think he was right.

I've worked with startups ever since I graduated from school, and I recently started my own company (The Startup Factory). When I was working for other people, I became really frustrated by the fact that most entrepreneurs don't understand how important design is to their success. They think it's just about making things look pretty or cool or trendy — but it's more than that.

Designers are problem solvers. We're trained to look at something and see how we can improve upon it — whether it's an object or an experience or an idea. And when we do that effectively, we create value for our clients and they become successful because of us (and not just because they're smart businesspeople).

TechCrunch recently published an article saying that designers should never be called "marketers." They're right — but only because marketers shouldn't be called designers either!

The technologist

In the startup world, there are seven different types of people. These are the archetypes that make up every business. And depending on where you sit in your company's structure, you can probably recognize yourself as one of the following types: The Founder: The original creator of your product or service, this person usually has a deep passion for what they do and are willing to take on any challenge that comes their way.

They may not be the best at managing people or money but they will always be able to get things done. The Manager: Business-minded and results-driven, these people are often found in leadership roles within an organization. They know how to delegate tasks so that everything gets done in time and with quality results.

They're also great at motivating others and holding them accountable when they don't meet expectations. The Strategist: A forward thinker who thinks outside of the box, a strategist is someone who always has their eyes on bigger opportunities than what's immediately in front of them. Whether it's coming up with new ways to grow your business or finding new clients, this person always has an answer when someone needs advice on how to move forward with their idea or project.

In Brief...

The truth of the matter is, startups can come in all shapes and sizes—there's not really much you can say about them as a whole because they encompass so many wacky, weird flavors. And if you feel that you're one type in particular more than others, remember that this is an incredibly simplistic scale—a lot of overlap exists between each type, and there's no right or wrong answer here.

And even if you think you know what type of startup founder you are, I encourage you to reread through the characteristics of each one and consider: which aspect do I identify with the most? Is there another type that I can see myself fitting into more succinctly? The takeaway here is not to focus on whether or not you are a 'copywriting' or 'coder' but to be honest with yourself about who you are.


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Abraham Verninac

🤓 I am an entrepreneur who builds brands/influencer. And I want to chat with anyone that is interested in starting their own business/brand or who wants to take it to the next level! You can message me anytime!

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