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Step By Step Guide To On Demand Travel Booking Application Development

by vin williams 11 months ago in apps
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on demand travel booking app

Technologies have made traveling accessible and affordable for people across the world. Well, the tourism market is one of the most promising sectors with a large audience.

Those having travel businesses are looking forward to an on demand travel booking app to boost the number of customers and cement their position in their industry.

Why Travel On Demand Travel Booking Application Development Brings Multiple Opportunities For The Travel Industry?

A lot of travelers use apps for ticket booking, hotel booking, renting out apartments, or small trips. The apps send out notifications to their mobile devices, help them track routes using software, save loyalty program cards in apps, etc.

The statistics given below confirm that on demand Travel booking application development is a worthwhile investment domain

64% of respondents are happy to take a virtual tour of the accommodation facility before booking the same.

70% of instant trips and bookings are done via smart devices.

Online sales of travel services witnessed a hike of 10% in 2018

Travel apps are commonly searched applications in the top 10 most searched categories on the App Store.

Let us have a look at Travel booking application development Guide that helps walk you through simple steps

Select App Type

Select The Type Of On Demand Travel Booking App You Want From

  • Accommodation booking
  • Travel guides apps
  • Transport Apps
  • Booking apps

Perform research on competitor’s actions

Try to browse through other travel apps related to your niche, their benefits, drawbacks, etc. Also, try to consider pre-built travel app APIs. Make sure you check out the travel apps of your competitors and how they operate.

Choose travel app MVP features

Try to list out the features for travel app MVP like

  • Social sharing
  • User account
  • Location-based search and filters
  • Booking
  • In-app payment

Search Expert Travel App Developers

Make sure you hire an experienced and expert travel app development company having vast experience in mobile app development especially travel apps

Search To Explore The Latest App Trends

Try to determine the idea of the travel application based on the latest trends. Identify the project milestones, scope and look out for the perfect technical solutions.

Start Travel App Development Process

Now, start with the development process of the app. Interact with the development team working on the design and development process of your app.

Ten Vital Features To Be Included In Your Travel Application

A travel application comes with plenty of features. Well, the list differs based on the product type chosen by you. Here are some most important features of a travel app.

3rd- party data collection

If you wish to display data on your on demand Travel booking app offered by 3rd party services to all your users, you need to include multiple integrations with help of API. It can be done by activating sections presenting access to flight timings, car renting information, airfares, and other data.

Search function & filters

In case your travel app comprises large volumes of content, you need to embed a built-in search feature. Also, you can establish different filters for more customized results. It will help users from getting confused in the pool of huge data and help them to search for what they need in no time.

User area

When you build a travel app, it is meant for personal use. Thus, it is important to integrate a personal user account into the app. Here, users can save their personal information to save time while re-booking, payment transfers, and browsing through the booking or travel history.

Booking feature

Through your app, the users should be able to book the hotel of their choice, a car, air tickets, etc directly according to their flexible timings. The app should help the users to pull out their personal information straight from their user profile.

In case you collaborate with other service providers, you can help users avail themselves of exclusive loyalty program, encourage them to your services.

Geo-location and Navigation

One of the important features that should be taken care of during on demand Travel booking application development is navigation & maps. This feature is integrated with the help of geo-location technology.

The navigation system can help planning their journey or other tasks. For instance, the map helps show up a different point of attraction close to the user or hotels in a particular city.

Itinerary planner

Help your users view the complete tour itinerary right from day 1 to the end of the tour at one glance. It will help the user get all the details under one roof without using multiple apps. This feature is flexible to use and helps potential users to use just one product.

User feedback

People always wish to share their feedback and opinions. User feedback features help boost conversions. It also helps the users to access your app often and they don’t need to use other websites and can rate their experience with your app.

Weather forecast

Certainly, weather forecasting is one of the essential features to be added to your on demand travel booking app to help users to plan their hiking, etc looking at weather conditions.

Personalized suggestions

The feature sends out personal recommendations to the users based on their web view, activities, trips, etc. It will help you retain customers and loyalty.


You can integrate all the above features during on demand Travel booking application development to help your travel business get a good customer base and generate revenue. With Travel booking application development guide you can learn what needs to be included in your app and what not and plan the development process accordingly.

We at Apps on demand help you build scalable and feature-packed on demand travel booking apps that help you boost user experience and generate revenues. Our on demand travel booking application development services have customized solutions to meet your individual mobile app development needs.

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