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Some Natural Ways to Control High Blood Pressure

Other than food.

By Ha Le SaPublished 19 days ago • 4 min read
Some Natural Ways to Control High Blood Pressure
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Millions of people are suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension. Genetic characteristics, poor lifestyle, and several medical conditions can all contribute to high blood pressure. The first step towards controlling blood pressure is to identify the origin of the problem. High blood pressure is a disorder with no warning indications or without any cause. To find out what dietary changes, prescriptions, or medications will help the patient cope with high blood pressure, follow the instructions of a medical professional. Diet plays a major role in increasing or decreasing blood pressure, but there are some natural ways to control high blood pressure other than food.

Some natural ways to control high blood pressure are as follows:

Enough sleep

Seven to eight hours of sleep are necessary for the normal body functioning of a human adult. Everyone does not follow the recommended period, and that may lead to several health issues like high blood pressure. When a person sleeps, the body and mind relax, and as a result, the blood pressure drops to normal. Dropping in blood pressure is highly effective for the organs in the circulatory system. Getting enough sleep is necessary to allow the body to go through the natural blood pressure drop, and insufficient sleep increases the risk of developing high blood pressure.

Minimizing screen time, decreasing caffeine intake, and sleeping at the same time every night are helpful factors in increasing the chances of having a restful sleep night. You can also make an appointment with a sleep doctor. Thus, getting enough sleep is one of the natural ways to control high blood pressure is to get adequate sleep.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise is another effective natural way to control high blood pressure. Exercise controls blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Exercise helps relieve anxiety and strengthens the heart, which is beneficial to maintain blood pressure within normal range.

Exercise not only keeps high blood pressure within normal range when done regularly; doing it once will not have any effect on it other than that one occasion. It is preferable to do light exercises for a few minutes daily. Walking, running, swimming, and climbing stairs are some other exercises a person can do to control high blood pressure.

Exercise causes the release of steroids, a hormone that relaxes the arteries. Depending on the type of exercise you engage in, such as biking, walking, running, or swimming, systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings vary. Therefore, consult your doctor before initiating any fitness program. The soundest method to control blood pressure in hypertensive people is particular exercise modalities like Crossfit's high-intensity training.

Stress management

Even if short-term stress causes high blood pressure, long-term stress also has an effect on making blood pressure high, as well. Stress management has numerous advantages for both physical and mental health.

Some methods of reducing stress are as follows:

  • Breaks from work, a hot water bath, listening to favorite music, doing yoga for a few minutes, or writing in a diary are some useful techniques for stress management.
  • Spend some happy time with your family and friends daily.
  • Watch a comedy play or something that can make you giggle.
  • Decrease screen time and go for a walk, try to feel the nature.
  • When stressful situations arise, pause and take a deep breath three times.
  • Consult a therapist for treatment.

Quit smoking

Cigarette nicotine quickens the heartbeat and constricts the arteries, elevating blood pressure. Furthermore, nicotine weakens blood vessel walls, which might result in heart disease. Several aspects of health improve when a person quits smoking.

If you require assistance:

  • Consult your doctor about available treatments for nicotine withdrawal, including medicine.
  • Look for a support group.
  • Determine the root causes for smoking and develop strategies to prevent them.

Monitoring your blood pressure regularly

Since high blood pressure is the reason for major side effects, it is necessary to routinely measure blood pressure readings. You can check your pulse at the office of a medical professional or a pharmacy store. Keeping track helps determine when to talk with a primary care physician about circulatory strain.

Stay healthy, stay safe.

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