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by Alex Jennett 2 months ago in fact or fiction · updated about a month ago
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Who needs it?

Photo by Илья Мельниченко on Unsplash

It is thought that sleep is over-rated. Many find it inviting, like myself, but sometimes it is not needed. A dreamless state that covers all of the above and strives to conquer the beginning of the rest of everyone elses' rainbows. Seeping through the boundary of spaces that collect through the floorboards. It creaks and folds through the cupboards. They are full of a restless quality that needs to be met which borders conspiracies, that will twist the reality of the dream borderland.

Its nice to spend some time with the family. And let them know that you care. The sleep part is frustrating in itself. It is full of tranquility, but at the same time nauseating. Full of peril. Deprivating on so many different levels. Although in hindsight all of God's creatures need this elixir of sanity. To plummet to an untimely richness of life. Then ellude the monster of lullabies.

In a fit of passion, the grogginess wore off my night-time anecdote. And seeped through my worn out day, just getting up. Fluffing the pillows, opening the blinds, and hopping in the shower, for an orgasmic melee of solicitous wonderment. That was just the beginning of the day. A start to a mind-opening darkness I was searching for my whole life. And this my fellow travelers will start my passive income which I have wanted to mess with in the beginning.

By the time this schedule is completed, most of the day is already gone. And it will not matter where or how you get there. Or stop for anyone else to go by on their own recognizance. This, my friends is how you will enjoy the rest of your day towards something that you want to do. Instead of wanting something to do. Changing the sheets every week for optimal sleepage.

Sane people do this everyday. Insane people do this more than daily. Feeling that twitch to clean. A spasm of the brain to keep a house in perfect and pristine condition. Or will it always be so safe for them? The padding to be bought at any drugstore should tell you the difference.

Can you hear it calling to you? I hope that you can tell me how it sounds. I also hope there is someone to help you lose your way through this awful time. A time that should be magical of its own accord. Following the light waves that cannot be seen by any human eye. You will be found by the sand-man. He will assist in your travels and ID all that you have or have not.

Dogs sleep, and cats sleep too. Fun fact - cats watch over us while we sleep. They are a nocturnal breed of eating machines. And they relentlessly and recklessly follow their own shadows to invest their time in ours. So the next time you close your eyes to sleep, thank a cat for watching over your soul and attitude.

I will always sleep in my soul, but no-one will be able to find me there. At least that is what I think in my mind, along the way, down this dirty road, we call life. Someone will always find me in time to wake me up the next day and my mind will be fresher than the day before, had been.

My name will be called home into your arms my love. And together we will traverse this terrain to breathe each other better. It is an amazing antidote. That will trigger the necessity we will have to accomplish together. Border it both together please and thank you.

fact or fiction

About the author

Alex Jennett

Just starting to publish my works. Enjoy listening to music and writing poetry. I am surprised that since I started writing, within the year, with Vocal I have created 75 stories. Music and the written word, help me ease my high anxiety.

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