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RWC 2023: Georgia Rugby World Cup manager Levan Maisashvili

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Before France Rugby World Cup, the Six Nations tournament waiting for Georgia. Georgia has February games at home to Germany and away to Netherlands and Spain. But there is no assurance they will certainly get to meet both Romania and Portugal. Their fellow World Cup contenders, in the two knockout rounds. That grille. If you are straightforward, it is nothing good for us.

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RWC 2023: Georgia Rugby World Cup manager Levan Maisashvili

Because we always said that this year we desired more good games than we have, clarified Maisashvili. If you guard before now. We had the gamble to play against Romania, Portugal and Spain, also Russia before it was put off. Now, we haven’t a chance to play against all the squads and it is games against weaker teams. We had five games and from five games, two or three were good because Portugal is on track.

Romania has a strong RWC side, and Spain is also good but now who knows? We don’t know who we will play against in the semi-final and the final but I have faith we touch. I don’t think it will be decent for us. Because it is a huge break between the tier-one nations and the competition we are playing in. For our game strategy, for the strength of our game. I don’t think the facelift was a good idea.

Georgia needs more decent games before Rugby World Cup 2023

It’s not that Maisashvili is tough that Georgia gets into the Six Nations. At the expense of one of its present teams. He would in its place prefer the growth of that competition. Something that departing Six Nations CEO Ben Morel proposed this past week wasn’t on the cards. We never wanted anyone’s room in the Six Nations, Maisashvili claimed. We are not talking that we need the room in Italy or Wales.

We don’t need that. We need more decent games and people have to start thinking about that. I don’t know. Maybe a Seven Nations. Eight Nations. If you recall 2020, it was an excellent contest and it was very supportive for us. We have shown we can play good rugby. That we can play against tier one nations and also that we can beat them. It was the first time in Italy, the second time in Wales and there will also be an afterwards time.

RWC 2023: Georgia Rugby World Cup manager Levan Maisashvili

But, of course, I’m unsatisfied. Everyone is talking about RWC 2023 but no one is doing anything. I don’t know the people who are answerable for that. It is a big self-confidence for the training staff, for players, for everyone. Beat the Welsh at the Principality Sports ground, not a lot of sides can do that. Similarly, if you talk about Italy. There is one of the big squads who have a gamble to partake in the Six Nations.

Plans for Rugby World Cup Finals

For Georgia, Italy was an antique game. That will help us carry on our growth and our plans for France Rugby World Cup. It was a good opening for us. There is a big trust and a big self-assurance but that is our major issue. If you want Georgia rugby to get better, we need more games. Every time I’m talking about it, it is the same reply from me: we need more competition. More games, more modest games, more strong sides, more tier-one nations. It is so hard, so difficult.

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Okay, every person said, ‘Well done, Georgia, we are glad for you’. The big dogs have ongoing to escalate the Georgia Rugby World Cup side. But they are more ready against us. We are not like amazement by anyone. Everyone will formulate against us more sensibly and they appreciate us. But from November through to August, when we have a gamble to play Scotland in Edinburgh, it is not normal.

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Georgia at least had the Black Lion franchise to bear them fairly over an eight-game winter. The expert club team, which Maisashvili also coaches, raised the Super Cup trophy with a December 17 final win over Tel-Aviv Heat in Tbilisi. Eighteen of those locally-based performers were named in the 34-strong Georgian team for the Autumn Nations Series. That ended in the 13-12 ambush of Wales.

We formed an expert franchise squad

We always had problems with domestic performers getting game time with power. So that was why we created an expert franchise team, now all those performers are international-level players, fully expert players. If someone is plenty good to play at Premiership or Top 14 level, at the well level of race. Of course, it will be decent for us. But we don’t need our players who are playing with the state team to play at Pro D2 or Federale 1 contest.

The Black Lion quality is now good and if players go. They have to go to a better tournament like URC, like Top 14, like Premiership but not a lower rivalry. I don’t think Pro D2 has enough squads that are good enough for our international-level performers. A couple of sides, yes, who want to go up, but the bulk of teams are not expert enough. One place that Maisashvili himself was frustrated to go to lately was back to South Africa.

The Black Lion was rostered in the 2022 Currie Cup but the coach wasn’t permitted to travel. Because his disease the previous year meant he had extended his visa. Because of that time, I spent in the hospital, I stay too long in South Africa, he said. Last summer I tried to enter South Africa because there was a Currie Cup First Division contest. But they didn’t permit me to enter the state.

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Levan Maisashvili is now fully healthy before RWC 2023

It was very unacceptable for me but I will try and get there soon. I like the country. That’s quite the claim given it was so nearly his deathbed. After he took ill during the Two-Test series Georgia was playing against South Africa. A plan was finally restricted to just one match due to a Covid outbreak in own squads shortly. Before South Africa took on the British and Irish Lions.

I’m now fully healthy. My retrieval was the best recovery for me. I was blessed with the best way to recuperate, doing the activities of a work that I like. Now, I am in full health, smiled Maisashvili, breaking out in a smile before evoking the moment when he awoke from his South African blackout. My response was, Thank you, God. Thank you to the people who have asked for me and who were fighting for my life, my family, my friends and the doctors, the excellent people who I have a connexion with now.

I try and be my finest

I’m a spiritual person, but maybe not sufficient. I should be much more but well, a person has to be blind to not see how I survived. There was only one aim why I survived and it was a choice of God. When things like that happen, it is a decent sign from God. If you want to live, if you want to be happy in your life, you have to live your life with roots. It’s like how build your ways; they will be your life.

Every time you recap yourself that is if you want to be positive. You have to live correctly, you have up live and do the correct things. The renovation of Maisashvili as Georgia Rugby World Cup team boss following his health scare wasn’t the only rugby ‘boomerang’ of note in recent times. Eddie Jones and Warren Gatland are now back in charge of their old teams, Australia and Wales.

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Levan Maisashvili is set to become a Rugby World Cup head coach

But the Georgian doesn’t house much on the view of his head-to-head duels against them in France. Yeah, it is motivating. It is a good break for me but it is not about them, it’s about us the Georgia team. It’s about what we will do, not around them. But it is a good opening to play against excellent trainers. Eddie is a bright coach. Also, Warren is a good trainer, and it’s a good chance to play against those coaches. But, as I mentioned, it’s extra for us, not for them.

I don’t want to be concerned about what they will do against us. I will worry about what we will do counter to them. Rugby has been part of Maisashvili’s life ever since he was a seven-year-old. Quitting football after some rugby instructors visited his school and got him hooked on playing. Those roles were later upturned, the grown-up Maisashvili starting his training career tutoring small kids and now. All these years later, he is set to become a Rugby World Cup head coach.

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