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Rockspace RD0608 setup WIFI Extender setup as Access Point

by Carlos Ward 2 months ago in tech news

Rockspace RD0608 setup WIFI Extender setup

Before gearing the process of setting up the Rockspace RD0608 setup as an Access Point, you must have an active internet connection. Get the WIFI name and password from the configuration card. You must have got it with your product. Or you can get it from the printed label over the body of the Rockspace RD0608 setup device.

With these Rockspace ap.setup details and objects, get a power adapter and an Ethernet cable. That must be so long to connect the range extender with the router.

Rockspace RD0608 Setup in Six Steps

Step 1->

Plug your Rockspace ap.setup RD0608 extender into a power outlet. And then wait for some time to get the flashing orange color of the LEDs.

Step 2->

Pin an Ethernet cable to your Rockspace RD0608 WIFI extender. And then go to the router. You have to keep waiting for the LEDs to turn green. Now, you may get over to the next step.

Step 3->

Connect your PC or the mobile device to the SSID of your Rockspace ap.setup range extender. It should be in the form of Rockspace Extender Setup- xxx. The last three digits of this SSID specify the three characters of the MAC address of your Rockspace ap.setup extender.

Step 4->

Open up a web browser, and then navigate the address bar to the default login address http ap.setup". By the Off chance, if it fails to take you to the login page. Then look for the IP address of your Rockspace RD0608 setup extender. Introduce this IP at the same line of the address bar.

Step 5->

After that, the most desired step is to save the Rockspace ap.setup settings that you have just made. You will see a page with the statement "Welcome to Rockspace RD0608 setup Extender via Ap.setup Page".

Step 6->

After getting the above Re.rockspace.local page, click next by visiting under the section "As a Wired Range Extender (Access Point)". Now you will get two options to set your range extender.

You can either use a [Wired Access Point Mode] or a [wireless range extender Mode". Select the Access Point Mode because we are making this entire effort to set up your Rockspace RD0608 setup as an Access Point.

After setting tips for Rockspace ap.setup

  • Now, create and determine the Rockspace RD0608 Network that your range extender will broadcast.
  • Setup your Rockspace RD0608 to either one or both wireless bands.
  • If you want to use only the 2.4 GHz band, then set it to only one.
  • Do you want to use both 2.4 GHz and 5 GH z bands? Then you have to set the WIFI name (SSID) for both the networks of the Bands.

Why is my internet speed slow after connecting my Rockspace RD0608 setup with the router?

If you get an issue like this, your internet speed is good. But the download speed is slow. Then you should check the following points as mentioned here;

  • You might have set the same SSID or network name for your repeater and the WIFI router.
  • In case you are using the same SSID. Then reset the range extender to default settings and create a different SSID.
  • Check the status and the signal of your Rockspace Extender.
  • If they indicate weak signals. Then you might have placed the repeater far away from the range of your WI-FI router.
  • Here, you have to move your Rockspace RD0608 Setup device near the router.
  • Initially, you have to place the Rockspace ap.setup device in the same place as the router.
  • Later on, place your WI-FI extender in some appropriate location.
  • You should also take the speed test without performing any high bandwidth activities.
  • While installing the repeater for the first time, use an Ethernet cable.

What does the LED status indicate on my Rockspace RD0608 setup WIFI Extender?

The Led light on your Rockspace RD0608 setup WIFI Extender tells you about the perfect location. And you also get the best connection to the network.

  • On the off chance, you see the blue color light.
  • Then it means both the devices are connected wireless.
  • And they are positioned at the desired location.
  • If you receive the Solid Red color light, it means your wireless repeater is getting weak signal strength.
  • In such cases, the user has to relocate the repeater.
  • It is better to keep the repeater near the router in the beginning.
  • If you receive the flashing LED light, then the wireless connection is built securely.
  • In some situations, if all the LED lights on your Rockspace Extender are off.
  • Means there is no active connection. Thus the repeater is powered off.

At the end

After setting up the Rockspace RD0608 setup device on the WIFI network, create the ADMIN password. The admin password will help you to set up the Re.rockspace.local extender. After setup, click the SAVE button. Here you can also set a password for this Rockspace ap.setup page. It will protect your extender from the external reach, threats, and cyber-attacks.

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