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Politicians chiefly permit security-focused bills for Olympic Games

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The Senate accepted, by a large bulk bill for the Olympic Games 2024. Very absorbed in security and disputed by communists and ecologists. This text was chosen by 245 votes for and 28 against.  This will in specific authorize the research of so-called cameras “augmented” allowing systems to detect crowd actions. It is inspected in a quicker procedure, i.e. a single analysis in the Senate and the Assembly.

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Politicians chiefly permit security-focused bills for Olympic Games

This law comes a few months after the disaster of the Champions League final. At the end of May 2022, at the Stade de France. Viewers without tickets hiked the gates, and ticket holders were blocked upon their arrival. Families were sprayed with tear gas by the forces or even through thefts and attacks. The final had revolved into a nightmare.

To notice suspicious actions during Summer Games 2024

To secure the Paris Olympics 2024, likely to fascinate 13 million viewers, and some 600,000 people for the opening ritual. Along the banks of the Seine on July 26, 2024. Using cameras to notice doubtful actions in crowds is requested by the specialists. Both around the fields and in the adjacent carriages. They will also be able to notice reckless objects or allow statistical analyses of traffic flows for example. According to the impression study of the law.

Another safety measure: is body scanners, which could moderately replace the lack of private security guards. Especially women, that everyone expects. The study of these new tools will be able to start from the entry into force of the law. But also for protests amusing and cultural. The text was corrected by the regime. After the belief of the national commission for computing and liberties and the board of the state.

AI-powered video observation for Paris 2024

A majority of governors voted against presenting facial recognition. France's Senate voted crushingly Tuesday in favour of a bill allowing trial AI-powered video investigation. During the 2024 mega-event held in Paris. Sports Minister Amelie Oudea-Castera thanked politicians for quickly adopting the script, which is, she said. A vital milestone in training for the sporting mega event. 245 politicians voted in favour and 28 against.

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In late December, the French management presented a law that would immensely expand. Its arsenal of investigation powers and tools boosts safety for millions of visitors. The plans contain large-scale, real-time camera structures supported by an algorithm. It is to spot doubtful behaviour, including unsupervised belongings, and alarming crowd actions like panics. Civil rights NGOs such as La Quadrature du Net and the Human Rights League are agitation.

Such devices amid alarms that what is inclined as a temporary experiment will become permanent. Earlier in January, politicians in the law board added extra privacy safeguards, including greater oversight of the French data protection expert CNIL. Algorithmic training before the Olympics kick off would have to be amenable to privacy rules. Senators also want the public to be well-educated.

Vietnamese participants to get $1M extra for Olympic gold medal

Any Vietnamese contestant winning gold at the Olympic Games 2024 in France will get a bonus of $1 million. Silver and bronze medallists will get $500,000 and $200,000 extra. The extras result from a deal signed by the Vietnam Olympic Committee and a planned partner. The International Sports Funding & Support Association (ISF) in South Korea will guarantor the entire expanse.

VOC General Secretary Tran Van Manh said at the validation ceremony. Athletes will also get a bonus from the management. We will keep looking for promoters to rise the bonus. For the 2020 Olympics, Vietnam declared bonuses of $80,000, $51,000 and $27,300 for gold, silver and bronze medallists. Singapore funded $738,000 to its gold medallist, while Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines paid $346,000, $237,000 and $200,000.

Shooter Hoang Xuan Vinh won a gold and a silver medal at the Olympic Shooting contest in 2016. He received VND180 million ($7,675) from the management though bonuses from others took the total sum to nearly VND5 billion ($213,220). Only four Vietnamese participants won medals at the games. Before Xuan Vinh, Tran Hieu Ngan had won a silver in taekwondo at the 2000 games.

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Only four Vietnamese participants won medals at the Olympic Games

Hoang Anh Tuan brought home a silver in weightlifting in 2008. Tran Le Quoc Toan got another silver at the 2012 London games. Under the contract between VOC and ISF, participants and teams will go to South Korea for preparation and vice versa. The two teams will exchange professionals and coaches. ISF also has strategies to assist Vietnam with emerging Winter sports. For more to know about Olympic Badminton Tickets click here.

Director General of Vietnam Sports Management, Dang Ha Viet, said. In the contract signed with ISF, around 100 Vietnamese contestants will train in South Korea. With the attention on Olympic Weightlifting, shooting, table tennis, and skating as winter sports. This year Vietnam will participate in two major events. The SEA Games in Cambodia in May and the Asian Games in China in September. The Olympic Games 2024 will be held next year in Paris from July 26 to August 11.

Most recent in a succession of the Paris 2024-coin collection

The Monnaie de Paris has out its third set of gatherer coins for next year's games in Paris. The hexagonal-shaped gold and silver sections. Carry on the series of offering historic French landmarks set to be involved during the Summer Games 2024. The first design in this creative series, dated 2021. Presented France’s symbolic symbol of Marianne dashing as a runner opposite the Eiffel Tower.

The second scheme released last year was motivated by the decathlon and a re-interpretation of the winged male figure "Genie de la Liberte" create atop the Column of July shrine located at the Place de la Bastille. He is represented as a discus thrower with the Arc de Triomphe in the background. For 2023, it is the turn of "the Sower,". One of France’s best-known and most loved numismatic pictures is portrayed as she performs her boxing skills.

The Sower "La Semeuse" in the native language is said to indicate the walking image of Liberty. And has been part of the French numismatic past for over a period. Originally, the Sower was calculated by Oscar Roty for a Section of Agriculture medal in 1887. In 1896, when the French Minister for Finance Paul Doumer commanded new coins. Roty was part of the designated artists and offered a new version of the Sower. 

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It emerged for the first time on socializing coins

Since 2002, it has been re-entered by Monnaie de Paris on a series of gatherer coins. In the background opinion of the Pont Neuf, careful to be the oldest of the stone bridges in Paris. It is truly located a few metres from the Monnaie de Paris. The Government-owned society is responsible for producing France's coins. This is the world's oldest endlessly running minting society having been founded in 864 AD.

To the lower left are the marks "RF", signifying "Republique Francaise," and the official Olympic Games logo for the Paris event. The year of issue, 2023, is found just to the upper right. The opposite side, which is also joint to the four-year series, features two joining hexagons serving. As a frame for the text “Republique Francaise” and the coins’ value of "Euro" 250 (gold) and “Euro 10" (silver) along with a garland of maple and olive branches.

The memorial obverse design is also offered on the €2 honouring coins struck in both proof and brilliant Uncirculated varieties. The €2 coin is not available as an exchange release. We are offering Paris Olympic 2024 Tickets admirers can get Olympic Games Tickets through our trusted online ticketing marketplace. Xchangetickets.com is the most reliable source to book Olympic tickets. Sign up for the latest Ticket alert.


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