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Olympic Games: Belgium’s mission for Olympic Hockey immortality

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No men's hockey side has ever positively repeated as Olympic and world champs in the same eight-year window. But in the next two years, Belgium have a chance to attain this almost mythological feat. In the next two years, Belgium’s hockey side could enter into the pantheon of sporting myths. Of course, one may claim that they are already there. They are, after all, the defending Olympic and world champs.

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Multiple countries have reached the feat of winning Olympic Games and world hockey gold in two years. But what about winning back-to-back games and the world cup? Well now, that’s somewhat that’s never been accomplished before. Toss in a possible European title into the mix, and you move past the sign and into the legendary. Belgium's men's hockey team are on such a quest.

The Red Lions are currently in the progression of defending their world cup. At the FIH Odisha Hockey Men's World Cup in Bhubaneswar, India, where they first won world gold four years ago. After two games a 5-0 win over the Republic of Korea and a 2-2 draw with silver prize-winners Germany. Belgium sits in first place in Pool B and is well situated to advance to the knockout phases.

The progression of Belgian hockey

Belgium’s rise from hockey nobody to global inspiration can be traced back to the early 2000s. The Royal Belgian Hockey Association (RBHA) began to rise its asset in youth programs and efficient its structures. Alexander Hendrickx outdid the counting charts at the Tokyo Olympic Games. With 14 goals en route to helping Belgium win gold, spoke to the media. About the influence, the RBHA’s changes have had on the state team.

In the start, we were all amateurs. We didn’t train a lot, maybe one or two spells per week. Because we also had to do our full-time work. But then we were on track to train six to seven times a week and made the shift to becoming full-time hockey specialists. I believe that’s been one of the major changes to becoming one of the best sides in the world. In 2018, one year after concluding second at the European championships.

Belgium arrived into its present golden era, winning its first gold medals at the World Cup 2018. The European finals 2019 and Summer Games beat Australia in a fascinating penalty shoot-out at Tokyo 2020 in 2021. The success on the global hockey stage has seen a huge spike in the sport’s popularity in Belgium. So much so that the boldness towards hockey, Hendrickx believes, has altered entirely.

Vincent Vanasch star player from Tokyo Olympic Games

In the past there was an insight in Belgium that hockey was an elitist sport, says the 29-year-old. Today, it’s a more public sport that everyone likes to play. Goalkeeper Vincent Vanasch, who saved three shots in the gold medal game at Tokyo Olympics said. We have seen over the years that we were rising and people were viewing hockey.

And not only the men’s side but the women’s as well. In 2005 we had about 10,000 associates today we have 65,000. What we’re trying to do is grow hockey and the progress of the sport in Belgium has been enormous, says Hendrickx. We’re happy to have back to that. XchangeTickets.com offers Olympic Games 2024 Tickets at the best prices. Olympic fanatics can buy Paris Olympic 2024 Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

Targeting for hockey gold at Paris 2024

While Hendrickx, Vanasch and the other players have taken arrogance in helping to raise the profile of hockey in Belgium. They could also make history by fetching the first nation ever to instantaneously win back-to-back gold medals at the Summer Games. Why not? says Vanasch, when asked about the view of winning gold in India and at the Paris Olympics 2024. It’s going to be interesting, and it’s going to be hard, but with this group, we can achieve all.

Winning gold at Olympics 2020 was a significant moment for a small nation like Belgium. But I think we can say we are a big nation when it comes to hockey. Belgium takes on Japan in their final group game on Friday 20 January at 17:00 local, with a win promising their progression to the knockout phases.

Asian Games to be qualifying occasion for Paris Olympics 2024

As per the procedure, a total of 12 state teams, in both men’s and women’s classes. They will contribute to the Olympic Hockey competition in 2024. France will get a straight qualification as the hosts. Furthermore, five continental winners from Asia, Africa, Europe, Pan America and Oceania will also have locked direct qualification. For the leftover six spaces, the FIH will lead two qualification contests that will contain eight teams each.

The qualification competition is set to take place in early 2024. The number of contestants from each region will be determined by continental shares. That will be based on the FIH World Rankings on January 2023. This March, we are going to have a summit in Hangzhou in China. The site was almost ready at the launch of last year, Tayyab further said. It is price noting that Ikram Tayyab is part of the Hangzhou Asian Games organisation committee.

The field hockey competition will take place at one of the most iconic grounds in French sporting history. Yves du Manoir stadium, situated in Colombes, presented the first Olympic Games in Paris in 1924. The ground got its name from French rugby player Yves du Manoir and was constructed by architect Louis Faure-Dujarric. Since 1972, the Yves-du-Manoir has been a multi-sports site located northwest of Paris.

Venues for Olympic Hockey competitions

That has held around 250 domestic and global competitions, including almost 250 matches. Across a range of disciplines such as rugby, football and boxing events. Most superbly, boxers Jean-Cluade Bouttier and Carlos Monzon contested for the world middleweight champion title in 1972. Here in front of a gathering of 40,000. An exclusive venue in France, it is the only one that will host the second Games in its history in 2024.

Field hockey made its first presence in the Olympics in 1908 in London. But the women’s game was not presented until the 1980 Moscow Games. India has conquered the sport’s history. As the men’s side won eight golds and six successive titles between 1928 and 1956. Enjoying a bounce of 30 wins. Other nations have climbed to the top of the global rankings.

Including Argentina, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain and France rising the sport on a global scale. Field hockey will take place at the Paris Olympics 2024 between July 27th - August 9th. There will be both a women’s 12-team competition and a men’s 12-team competition.

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