New Drone Technology Takes Over Agriculture Business

Agriculture drone for easier and cheaper farming

I already know the first thing you are going to ask - how this is cheaper if it costs almost the same as tractor?

Well, its simple - There is almost no maintenence, no refueling, services, no nothing for agriculture drone. Its on batteries. That the one thing that makes it cheaper.

And another thing - its easier and faster to spray your vineyards or anything you have than having a tractor + you do not destroy soil by driving over it.

So now the most common questions had been answered, lets continue.

What is Agriculture Drone?

Airboard drone

Its simple - it is unmanned aerial vehicle built for precision agriculture and environmentally responsible farming.

Whether you have flat fields or uneven soil, with drone its a lot easier and faster to spray your crops or whatever you have.

What are the benefits?

By using drone in agriculture, it reduce costs on human labour, helicopter, plane or tractor equipment.

Also not only you are spraying your fields, but you also are able to get insightful data on flight pattern and track harvest changes.

Another cool thing that I think is a huge advantage over everything else is that after rain, when its muddy you do not touch the ground, like it is with tractors. You keep your fields in great shape without driving on them.

Yes, you could use helicopter or planes as some do, but as I mentioned before, its more expensive. Imagine the cost of a plane, the cost of fuel and everything else that comes with it.

Its crazy.

Ease of Use

The drones can be flown manually but these days almost everyone will use software to have the drone automatically fly and land and follow a particular route over your crop.

I did some research within this industry and almost every comapny that makes these drones offer automatic flight planning, GPS routung softwares and a lot of cameras around the drone.

Battery Life

One of the most important things for you probably would be battery life. Can drone spray all your fields with one charge?

Well, it of course depends on you big your field is, but mostly - yes.

For example the drone you can see in the picture above, it has 180Ah industrial Lithium battery pack that is divided into two seperate swappable modules.

Is it safe?

Don't stand in the field like this guy, I don't think its healthy

After my research i could say that these drone are safer than plane and tractors together.

Imagine what would happen of one of the plane rotors would stop? There is a possibility that you will crash your plane and...well we know what happens when planes crash.

Most of agriculture drones are able to fly even if one electrical motor, controller or battery has stopped working. If there is some problems, the drone can land itself safely on the ground by not killing anyone.

And also as any other drone it will take itself back to the place where it started, so you don't have to worry about getting it from the middle of your field to your garage.

I don't think tractor can do that, right? Well, at least not yet.

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