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Loan Apps Shaping The Future of SMEs

by Isshu Mittal about a year ago in apps
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Loan Apps

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Small and medium enterprises are the backbone of a country’s economy. As a developing country, India should offer adequate support to such enterprises to foster economic growth and the financial stability of the society. Traditionally, this sector has been at the mercy of the banking sector to steer its ship. Even though the government has offered substantial help to the SME sector, it could not make full use of the benefits. One of the prime reasons behind this was the lengthy procedures at the bank. However, with changing times, India is now moving towards the digital medium at a considerable speed. This shift has enabled small and medium business owners to apply for instant personal loans online.

SMEs often face unexpected financial requirements due to various reasons. Some common ones include a rise in demand due to seasonal fluctuations, increasing production and manufacturing for an upcoming festive season, etc. Hence, to meet the needs, small business owners require personal loans to offer them immediate assistance. Instant loan are an excellent way to handle sudden financial demands with ease.

Now that everyone has a smartphone and access to data connection, they understand the power of their phones. Smartphones have transformed so many things in our lives. From communication to shopping, from education to lending services, everything seems possible with a smartphone. Small and medium-sized traders are increasingly leaning towards online loan apps since they offer a wide range of benefits. These modern fintech solutions have been a boon for such traders.

Let us see a few advantages of online loan apps.

24/7 Accessibility

Users can access instant loan apps online at any time and from anywhere. All you need is a smartphone and a data connection. Round the clock access makes you financially secure and independent. Now you do not need to go to friends and relatives seeking financial help. These apps are also not affected by holidays or other similar events. The combination of finance and technology has empowered everyone. Applying for instant personal loan can be done in a jiffy now.

Increased Convenience

A 24/7 access to money increases the user convenience of loan apps by manifold. You can select the perfect option from a range of the best personal loans on the platform. The application process is also hassle-free and is usually complete in a few easy steps. Borrowers can also apply for small loans online, which generally does not happen at a bank. Apps like True Balance offer loans from as low as INR 5000 and go up to INR 50000.

100% Digital Process

With loan apps, there is no requirement for any physical procedure. The entire process is digital. From document submission to KYC completion, everything is done online. This makes the otherwise cumbersome process extremely simple for everyone.

Fast Disbursal

As the procedure for online loans is digital, it takes very little time to process the loan request and release the amount. Such apps also require minimal documentation, which cuts short the processing time. Hence, if you apply for personal loan online, you will get the money directly in your account in no time.

SMEs can also benefit from other unique features of loan apps like reasonable rates of interest, lower processing fees, flexible tenure, minimal documentation and level up loans.

True Balance is one such online loan app that small and medium entrepreneurs widely use. With a “Finance For All” mission, this app is loved by over 75 million users across India. To experience uncomplicated loan application and avail of several other amazing benefits, download the True Balance app today.


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  • Sofiia Shevchuk2 months ago

    Interesting. Thanks. How I read about creating a loan landing app: https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/how-to-create-a-money-lending-app/ . I advise, it is also quite interesting.

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