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Is It Easy To Switch Over From WhatsApp

by Shubham Kumar 8 days ago in apps

Would you able to quit?

Is It Easy To Switch Over From WhatsApp
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On a quick brief note, if I ask you a question. Hey, I have a fantastic idea, which we can serve thousands of people and can make their life easy, but you will have to work for free. Would you like to work for me?

You will say "No", and that's an obvious answer. No one should surprise of this. Even if you want to work to serve people, but you need money to buy food, rent a house, and pay tuition fees of your children. And these things stop you from working without earning money.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $21.8 billion, WhatsApp was working for so long without charging a single penny. They need to pay their developers and pay for their servers, despite that they kept running so long without charging money. What was the reason?

The time when FB acquired WhatsApp, many messaging Apps were in the market. Many were subscription-based, and many were providing service without charging money as well. And keep running WhatsApp was a strategy of face to kick these Apps out of the competition. They also succeed in their plan, as there is not too much competition now.

How long they could run WhatsApp making no profit from it, has an end, and that's now. Now, they want to share data from WhatsApp to Facebook for showing relevant advertisements. One question which may strike in your mind that Facebook is already having our Facebook and Instagram data, then what's the issue with WhatsApp. Even why they need this data?

The chats in WhatsApp were more personalised than the messenger or Instagram direct message. We used to communicate with our family and close friends on WhatsApp. So it has every information about which places I'm suggesting my friend visit this summer vacation, and where I'm going to buy a coffee or chocolate. It has a tremendous amount of data.

Facebook wants to use this data to target users with more personalised Ads so that we are more likely to purchase them, and they can make more money. But who knows, this data will be used only with this purpose. These days, social media is also blamed for affecting our political and intellectual point of view, and letting them know more than a limit can affect are thinking.

I know you might think about uninstalling WhatsApp and use other messaging App. But not that easy as seems to be, because all your contacts need to switch over a particular App, and that's not a simple task. You are ready to uninstall WhatsApp, but who will convenience your contacts to switch over a messaging App, can you?

Currently, I'm not in the condition that I can convenience all my contacts or a group of people to switch from a messaging platform to another. Because either they are not aware of privacy or that can say WhatsApp is already reading our messages, just it is going to share with Facebook.

Even most of those people who are switching from WhatsApp to any other messaging App, are going to come back in a few weeks because all of their friends and colleges will not be using the same App. I don't want, but this is going to happen with most of the users. Despite that, I'm expecting a different result.

Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar
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