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IFHRMS - Login to karuvoolam.tn.gov.in account

by Md Fahad Alam 2 months ago in product review · updated 2 months ago

IFHRMS (Integrated Financial and Human Resources Management System) has been designed to assist the Government of Tamil Nadu in bringing transparency in the financial and human resource transactions.

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IFHRMS portal is an enterprise-wide solution that can be tailored and extended to the needs of specific institutions/departments. It also has an integration feature to other applications like tnta, Project Management System (PMS) and Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR).

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Under the leadership of Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, the state government of Tamil Nadu had requested the Indian Government to develop a single online website that will have all the information about core financial and HRM into a single website.

This website was designed and developed by NIC's CORE Group. It is a source of information to all departments, officers and employees under the state government and its agencies.

It has been designed to provide an integrated view of all core financial processes in the state government, starting from proposals for fund allocation to the investment of the money. It also can handle multiple fund allocation schemes, both new and already funded schemes.

It provides a central database for storing and retrieving information about the schemes, thus eliminating the requirement of salary bill to duplicate data entry or search across multiple databases for information.

It has been designed with future expansion in mind; it allows for customized modules, pay bill, new transaction types, pay slip download, login and upgrades per the client's specific requirements. It also provides the flexibility of designing transaction forms.

It can interface with any existing HRM module or system to provide complete HRM information on this platform. IFHRMS karuvoolam can handle multiple organizations (departments, institutions, epayroll etc.) within a single installation, thus eliminating the need for various facilities that are otherwise required for the same number of organizations.

All implementations of tamilnadu pay slip 2021 app that is intended to go live soon can be listed here by their implementation date.

The Government has decided to implement IFHRMS esr across all Departments and Institutions in a phased manner. A team of state Government officials will carry out the implementation of the system in each Department and Institution.

The Department will formulate a project plan concerning the implementation. Once the performance is complete, the project will get reviewed by a review committee consisting of Government officials from the Department and the DGP and the CIO of Tamil Nadu.

How can you sign up for IFHRMS?

To sign up for IFHRMS either complete the online request form or contact the Area Manager. The Area Manager will then pass your request to the Regional Manager who will ask for the finance, HR and management support person. Once you have these 3 signatures, it will start.

How can you login to IFHRMS?

Every day thousands of people log in/sign in to this system. You might be one of them! Use this blog to find out what you need for your IFHRMS login portal, how to login, and what else it can do for you. We hope this post helps answer any questions you have about the IFHRMS employee and pensioner login process!

Some important reminders:

  • Your old username is still your username on this system, but now it includes your first initial as well as an underscore (_); example: xxx_admin, where xxx = the last name.
  • If you are not sure of your login id and password or forgot it, you can check your username on the support site.
  • You will not be able to move old coverage until your old account is upgraded to a single sign-on. If you try to log in with a username that only has the first initial, your login page will fail.
  • To avoid problems, use a username that ends with a family or first initial if possible--not a name to be used again after this year.
  • If you don't like the new login index name or password, you can change it online.

Description and functioning of IFHRMS

The main objective of this system is to prevent corruption and manage resources efficiently. IFHRMS home also aims to prevent financial errors or frauds that can be committed by employees or a number of other stakeholders.

To do so, the government has taken several measures that include monthly monitoring, annual audits and bi-annual measurement of control performances.

The manual process for selecting auditors is simplified by the system, and there is a built-in filter for illegal activities among staff members in certain departments such as tax departments and income tax departments.

The evolution of IFHRMS

The Government of India started this initiative in 2006. The work on this program was initiated with the guidance of the former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, who has been a renowned economist and statesman in his twenties.

The objective was to create an integrated financial and human resource management system so that government offices have better control over their finances and can efficiently manage their workforce.

The computer systems for tn payslip IFHRMS were implemented by consultants from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Deloitte). These systems were put up for public scrutiny during the annual budget sessions organised by the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in December 2011.

How does it work?

It aims to integrate the three primary financial functions of the government of India, which are payment management, debt management and financial management. To do this, there are several separate systems that have to be integrated with one another. The system handles transaction processing, budget preparation and monitoring offices.

The IFHRMS pay statement also provides a controlled environment for employees to perform their duties that ensures that they are not exposed to any undue or inappropriate risks. It is built-in redundancy in the system for all activities in case something goes wrong with one part; another part still functions effectively.

This redundancy also ensures compliance with all legal parameters and parameters required by business continuity management systems (BCMS).

The features of IFHRMS

It is highly integrated between multiple stakeholders in the government of India. In the hands of the government, it becomes a system that is capable of handling a large number of accounting transactions in a timely manner.

It also incorporates a number of features that ensure the security and efficiency of all data transmitted. The system is built with a built-in fraud detection model, so all incoming and outgoing data undergoes validation at every point to ensure that only valid information is transmitted through the system.

And when frauds are detected, they can be blocked from entering into other systems or from being executed to further impact the treasury department’s performance in any way.

Key benefits of IFHRMS

IFHRMS was initiated as a part of the “Transformation of Government Departments” initiative outlined by the Central Government. This initiative was aimed at bringing economies and efficiency to various government departments to make them more effective.

One of the key features of this system is its centralized and integrated financial and human resource management system that helps reduce fraud, improve working methods and minimize wastage of funds.

It is also considered a cost-effective solution because it can increase productivity and reduce staff costs.

Another key factor is that it helps government staff to be able to do their jobs effectively because they do not have to go through so much paperwork or communications with multiple departments.

How does it help to eliminate the risk of corruption?

The IFHRMS payroll system ensures that all transactions are well-integrated and integrated to prevent graft, corruption and embezzlement in public service domains. At the same time, it also helps to centralize the accounting and treasury operations of Tamil Nadu. This means that information is easily available in real-time for monitoring and auditing activities.

The system also ensures that all employees in government offices or departments adopt ethical lifestyles and maintain a fair balance between their personal life and work life.

The system also shows the history of every transaction, which provides a clear picture of how much money was allocated for each program or department by the government of Tamil Nadu. This makes it easy to measure the performance of departments or ministries.

As a result of this, corruption can also be prevented by making sure that all transactions are well-integrated and integrated to prevent graft, corruption and embezzlement in public service domains.

At the same time, it also helps to centralize accounting and treasury operations. This means that information is easily available in real-time for monitoring and auditing activities. This helps in financial control at all levels in government operations.

Issues with IFHRMS

The IFHRMS has come under criticism regarding the efficiency of the system. There are complaints that it is not effective in handling large amounts of financial data. Also, there are several questions about some features of the system.

The government of India has issued some statements denying these allegations and stating that they are working closely with vendors to make some necessary changes to some features.

There are several issues with this system, the primary one being the timing of implementation. The government started this initiative in 2005 but it took six years to bring it into the public domain for scrutiny by the public. The government's failure to maintain an updated and functioning human resource management system is a sign of poor planning and execution.

The integration between departments was also not planned well and there were instances where data conflict arose between departments like between banks and income tax offices.

Another issue is that some parts of it do not work well, leading to several instances where some transactions could not be processed due to technical snags.

The Future of IFHRMS

With the government’s goal to integrate all aspects of finance and human resources within the government, the work on IFHRMS is expected to continue in the near future. The Indians are also looking forward to systems like e-money (e-payment) and electronic banking.

It is an IT solution that caters to all financial functions of government departments. It has been designed by Software Developers in association with the Government of India.

The system identifies all problems in sectors like Payment, Debt Management, Taxation & Audit that occur due to corruption and inefficient management practices.


Integrated frameworks like IFHRMS can greatly impact employee efficiency, which can greatly impact cost optimization and resource optimization within large organizations. The government of India is looking for new ways to process data faster, more securely and at a lower cost than what they have been doing.

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