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How Would Software Testing Change the Future

How Would Software Testing Change the Future

By Sun TechnologiesPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
A snapshot of new software testing tendencies

Automation and AI-based approaches are often used in non-functional testing to identify and prioritize application components that may be more vulnerable to performance or security concerns. While cloud-based testing offers more scalability and flexibility, shift-left testing tries to identify issues early in the development process. Trends in automation testing are assisting in increasing the process's effectiveness, economy, and dependability. These developments will keep influencing how software is tested and used.

Keep in Mind These Testing Trends

• DevOps and security testing

• Cybersecurity testing

• IoT testing

• Big data testing

• Cloud-based testing

• Automated Testing

• Continuous and Performance Testing

• Artificial Intelligence (AI)

• Mobile App testing

What role does AI play in software testing?

Astute test selection

Because AI can automatically collect and analyze information and evaluate test results, it can identify which tests are required and which are unnecessary.

Machine learning

Machine learning may aid software testing by automatically: creating test cases, auditing existing tests for coverage, speed, and completeness, as well as running them.

Advantages of AI for software testing

Reduced test execution time

AI may shorten test execution time by refuting or deleting redundant tests and improving test data management flow by ensuring high-quality data reaches the test cases initially.

• Improved test management

Software code develops quickly and adjusts tests to ensure compatibility with new source code, increasing the time and cost of test maintenance. AI can help to lessen this by employing computer vision bots and brilliant test selection.

• Expand test coverage

AI may analyze the results of exploratory tests to generate new tests to enhance test coverage and use software testing data to determine the likelihood and severity of bugs in various product portions.

• Generating test data

ML generates test data similar to production data to train ML models and test applications directly.

Challenges of AI in software testing

• Data accessibility

AI models need high-quality data before going into production to avoid junk

• Absence of generality

Although AI algorithms can answer specific issues appropriately, they cannot generalize, limiting their application cases.

Computationally pricey

Machine learning and deep learning are computationally costly to implement. Because of the high computing cost, several AI models built by Facebook and Google are commercially unviable.

Important Procedures for Software Testing Services

• Test Automation with No Code

Low-code or no-code solutions provide by test automation technologies to increase application delivery speed and quality. These tools include functionality like recording and playback, drag and drop, and AI/ML technology integration.

• RPA-led Testing

RPA technologies use to shorten the test cycle by creating reusable components and bot to assist in various testing phases. In addition, AI/ML and RPA approaches can help the software testing process to keep up with new technologies.

• AI/ML Methodologies

AI/ML approaches enhance software development and quality assurance procedures, such as finding duplicate test cases and improving regression testing.

• DevTestOps

DevTestOps reduces bugs by combining the Development, Testing, and Operations Teams to ensure a high-quality result.

Sun Technologies follows a developer-centric approach to test automation. Our QA Automation CoE (Center of Excellence) comprises test automation architects, automation leads, and test engineers with diversified experience and expertise in automation testing across industries.

Our QA team specializes in creating automation frameworks based on Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Test-Driven Development (TDD) for efficient testing. From automating regression sets to designing new test cases and instant test automation scripts, we ensure end-to-end support for your business process automation and testing.

Try our Codeless, scriptless, Intelligent Test Automation solution – INTELLISWAUT & SWAUT.

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