How UberEats Clone Helps Food Delivery Startups to Increase The Way of Earning Money?

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Is UberEats Business Model is Profitable?

How UberEats Clone Helps Food Delivery Startups to Increase The Way of Earning Money?

Ubereats is synonymous with hyperlocal food delivery. In fact, they are the ones to introduce this model to the world which is no spreading to many towns. The success of this model is from the fact that it requires minimal capital and a short time for launch. Because of this, many startups have sprouted and some went on to compete with global firms like Foodpanda.

For the next five years, I see no stopping this sector and it is growing at a steady pace of 17% per year. So, if you are about to enter this segment and assessing the prospects, there is nothing to worry about.

UberEats clone

Ubereats clone is the most preferred software product for food app startup. The reason to choose this is the speed of launch, 100% customization, ease of modification, and affordable cost.

Ubereats clone is not a copy of the original Ubereats app, but it's just a template of it. Many unique features not present in Ubereats can be seen in its clone. The degree of customization is inexplicable and new ideas are easily made to fit in it.

Now we shall see how Ubereats clone gives a lot of space to improve the revenue model of the food ordering sector.

How UberEats Clone Helps to Increase the Way of Earning ?


It is possible to earn a little more by allowing the listed restaurants to place their ads. Different prices can be charged based on the placement of ads. Restaurants shall give both video ads and picture ads for which different rates are charged.

Customized foods

Restaurants shall be allowed to offer customizable menus for the users. The users shall give the changes and send it to the restaurants; premium price can be charged for this. A little of this price can be sent to admin.

Extra fee for placing a restaurant at the top

Restaurants can freely list their service in the app but the placement of it depends on its popularity and frequency of order. Now, you can allow restaurants to move to the top of the list by charging an additional fee based on the demand.

Subscription Plan

One time subscription plan at a standard fee for customers. Those who apply to this plan shall not be charged any delivery charges. The economics of this model is very good and it is possible to earn more even though the delivery charge is foregone.

Surge Delivery Fee

Weekends see a rush for online orders and this is the time to make extra money. During peak hours the delivery fee can surge for each order. The Demand can be ascertained by looking at the analytics tool in the admin panel. The analytics tool gives an accurate report of demand in various parts of the operation.

Wrapping up!

The scope of adding ways to make extra money is not limited and many creative ways are there. The point of using Ubereats clone solution is more beneficial in terms of adding new features because of its flexibility.

Also, the core of the solution is not affected in any way while adding or removing any features.

Make sure that in the process of making extra money, the customer base remains unaffected. Do a good amount of research to find the purchasing power of the users before applying new change.

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