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How To Troubleshoot With Roku Error Code 014

by smarttv error about a year ago in apps · updated 4 months ago
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Steps to Fix Roku Error Code 014

The content displayed in front of you will provide the best, effective, and smart solutions to you that will definitely 100 & 1% take you out of this error you are facing.

Half of the Roku users face a typical issue and that is Roku error code 014. Yet, shockingly there is not something to be stressed over as it is an extremely intense issue you are managing. Hoping you are also facing this problem and looking for the best and smart ways to know how to fix error 014 on Roku, right?

Is It Possible To Fix Error Code 014?

No matter if you are a techie person or not, you can easily fix error code 014 by yourself but you should be positive, confident, and willing to resolve this error.

If you are, only then the steps mentioned in this article will help you to get out of this trouble. There is nothing tough in it to get rid of this trouble on your own. There are chances of failure but the reason would be only your inaccuracy.

If you will not comprehend the steps properly then for sure you are going to face the same error. Make sure to not skip any of the instructed steps to succeed in resolving error code 014 on Roku.

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Look For The Solutions To Fix Error Code 014

Dear users, without wasting your time we would like to share solutions with you. Are you ready to solve this error? Great, just have a look below…

Update The Device

Now, try to update your Roku T.V. again. Most of the users would be free from error code 014 on Roku. If you are free from the error then you can enjoy your T.V. but if you are still facing the same error then kindly look towards the next step.

Reboot The Device

For those users who are still facing the same error without wasting more time just reboot your device. Rebooting is the only way that will be performed by all the technicians to overcome the problems.

And also this really works, rebooting helps to cure the issue as soon as possible. Before rebooting make sure to disconnect the internet from your device.

First, turn off your device with the help of a remote then after a second plug out the wire and wait for at least half an hour. After that kindly plug in the wires and turn on your device.

When your device screen is displayed wait for a few seconds and then connect the streaming player to the strong internet connection. Most of the users here made the mistake of entering the wrong password. We hope you will not make this silly mistake.

Enter a correct password and after that again try to update your device.

Check Network Connection

The error points up when there's a major issue with the IP transmission. This may happen when the internet connection or Wi-Fi gets interfered with.

In such cases, the primary activity is to kindly check the internet speed and stability. There is nothing hard in it to do so. There are lots of tools available online. You can easily check the speed of the internet from there.

If the speed is low, kindly wait, do not make calls to your wifi servicer. It is possible that the internet low speed is because of some common issues, just have a look.

  1. Look For Barriers.
  2. Make Distance From Electronics.
  3. Maintain Proper Distance.
  4. Disconnect Other Devices.


See, how easy and simple it was to deal with the Roku error code 014. Hopefully, you will now be free from the error code 014 on Roku and this is exactly what we are waiting for.

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