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How to Save Money on Your Utilities With the Ambi Climate 2 Smart Heating & AC Controller

by Ryan Witt 11 months ago in product review

The Ambi Climate saved me money on utilities, as well as the constant headache from arguing with my roommates.

How to Save Money on Your Utilities With the Ambi Climate 2 Smart Heating & AC Controller

I am not unlike most men when it comes to my body temperature. Sure, there may be an insulated section around my tummy affectionately referred to as a spare tire, but I'm sure that has nothing to do with my inability to handle hot weather. Thankfully dad bod is in, and when I'm sleeping, I like to snuggle up as much as anyone. Snuggling isn't nearly as effective though if it's not already cold.

It seems like my girlfriend and roommates don't seem to get this. True facts: I've lived with three females (do not email me asking for tips and tricks to live a life like this, it is more pulling hair out of drain stoppers than it is pajama pillow fights). It has been known by the scientific community for awhile now that women's core body temperature tends to run significantly lower than those of men. I understand taking the bite out of those cold winter months and everything, but it seems like, month after month, I'm constantly left dumbfounded by the price of the gas bill.

The obvious next step is to check the thermostat, and after turning it down from 70 to a more manageable temperature, I consider all the nooks and crannies I could install a motion detection camera to see who keeps turning it up (because, somehow, nobody in my house ever seems to do it). Not only has this been taking years off my lifespan, it has been taking a serious amount of cash from my paycheck month after month. I haven't done the math yet, but I bet the girls could have all flown to an all-inclusive down in Jamaica at this point.

I'd had enough. After useless house meetings, arguments that always involved slamming doors, and threatening to move to a new, cheaper place to live, I figured out a solution. Luckily, Ambi Climate came into my life.

In my desperate attempts to live comfortably in my own home, I stumbled upon this piece of technology that might have just saved all of us from looking for new roommates every time the seasons change. We all know that everyone's perceptions of hot and cold are different, but there's no reason everyone can't be comfortable in today's day and age. The main feature that intrigued me about Ambi Climate's 2 Smart AC & Heating Controller technology is how smart it really is.

The basics here are already very apparent: It's a lot colder in a dark, damp room built into the foundation of the house than it is in a well-lit, upstairs loft with big, picture windows letting in the sunlight. Well, Ambi's tech has accounted for that. Tracking humidity, weather, sunlight, time of day, temperature, and even our daily metabolic patterns, you can simply select a comfortability level from Ambi's app, and the sensors placed throughout your house will do all the thinking work for you.

The first thing I should say is that Ambi is compatible with most remote-controlled AC units that may already be installed in your home or apartment. For those of you living on your own, that means you do not worry about having to have a contractor or electrician coming in to make difficult and costly changes to the infrastructure of your space.

The sensors throughout your house will react to your engagement with the device, as well as all the environmental factors already discussed. This allows Ambi's AI system to build a comprehensive profile for you, defining what personal comfort is for its user, or the other people living in the house. No longer will you constantly be checking the space underneath doors or at the sides of windows to feel if a draft is coming in, nor will you be having arguments more heated than your base panels; Ambi Climate is the smart weather-tech you never knew your home needed.

You know how Alexa knows your Dominos order? Well, it is entirely possible that now all you have to do in order to be as comfortable in your home as you possibly can be, is simply yelling at Alexa (as opposed to your roommates) that you're too hot or too cold. This is especially useful for me, as my phone is plugged in across the room when I'm in bed, or otherwise lost amid the mostly empty beer bottles and aforementioned boxes of Domino's cheesy bread.

On top of that, I'm able to use the app to schedule when I am most likely to need the AC/heat, so that not-too-soon before I step through my front door (or even the door to my bedroom), Ambi has already perfectly set my preferred living temperature. This is also effective for bedtime or when I need to wake up, making the frantic, frigid, early morning run to the bathroom a thing of the past. Auto-adjustment never felt so good, especially since having Ambi reduces the energy spent in your HVAC unit by an average of 30 percent. Thanks to Ambi, my roommates, girlfriend, and I all live in perfect ecological harmony at all times, and I have a little extra jingle in my pocket to start planning my perfect, climate-controlled staycation.

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Ryan Witt
Ryan Witt
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