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How To Save Animated GIFs On Computer From Any Website

by ubaid ullah 2 years ago in how to
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Save Animated Gifs On Your PC

How To Save Animated GIFs On Computer From Any Website
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If you are searching for how to save animated GIFs for your computer to use in a post or personal messaging, then you come to the right place.

In this article, I will address any questions you may have about how to save animated GIFs from any website to your computers.

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) files are a simple way to exchange expressions, commands, or information over the Internet using a web browser or other related platforms that support the GIF format type.

As you scrolled through your social media feed nowadays, you've most likely noticed GIFs over and over again. These animated GIFs are literally everywhere, GIFs appear to be popular on social media, not only through public articles and comments but also in personal messages. GIFs are too attractive and also funny.

Animated GIFs can be used in blogs, email signatures, Facebook, Instagram, websites, and any other platform that accepts.gif files.

What’s a GIF?

GIF is an abbreviated form for Graphics Interchange Format. GIF is an 8-bit file that can store up to 256 RGB colours. Its importance comes from its ability that supports animation.

GIFs, unlike video files, do not support audio. An animated GIF is made up of multiple pictures that function as frames to generate an amazing animation. To achieve the desired effect, this animation repeats forever automatically.

How To Save Animated GIFs To Your Computer

If you come across a GIF that you like and wish to save it, you can save or download animated download GIF to your computer or phone in the same way that you save a picture file. Right-click on the GIFs that you want to save and click on “Save Image as...” from the small pop up menu and then choose the destination where you want to keep animated Gifs.

To begin, we will include general guidance for saving animated images from almost every website you might be visiting online. For example, you visit the Giphysite to download GIFs. The following are steps you should follow.

  1. Open the GIFs that you want to download and right-click on them.
  2. Then click on “Save Image As” on a small window pop up.
  3. Choose the destination where you want to save GIFs on your computer.
  4. Finally, click on save. And here it is.

GIPHY GIFs Save (Screenshot)

This is a method by which you can download animated GIFs from any desktop browsers. Then you can use the GIFs you've downloaded anywhere you want.

There is some other website similar to GIphy where you can save animated GIFs through the similar above method.

How To Save GIFs From Facebook

The following are some steps to follow if you want to save GIFs from Facebook.

  1. Go to Facebook.com in your computer's browser window. To sign in to your account, enter your email and password.
  2. After you open your account then scroll down and find animated GIFs your friends posted.
  3. Once you see a GIF you'd like to save, go to the bottom of the image and click on the source. This will take you to a new page in your browser where you can view the GIFs on the website from which it was taken.
  4. To download animated GIFs on a new page right-click on it and click on “Save as” on the small pop up menu and then choose the destination to save your GIFs where you want to save.

And the exact same steps can be used to save animated GIFs from Tumblr. But the method to save GIFs from Twitter is a little different.

How to Save GIFs from Twitter

In Twitter tweets, GIFs are actually in a video format not in GLF file that’s the reason that it can’t save directly and even you can’t right-click on them. To save GIFs on the computer from Twitter you must first convert video format to GIF file.

To do this you have to use the EZGif.com website to convert video to GIF file, and then download from EZGif. The following are steps to save animated GIFs from Twitter.

  1. Go to Twitter.com and log in to your account.
  2. Find a tweet of someone that contain GIFs or you can also type “GIFs” in the search bar.
  3. After you've seen a tweet with an animated GIfs you'd like to save, press the downwards arrow button in the tweet's upper right-hand corner. Pick Copy Link to Tweet from the pop-up menu that appears.
  4. Once you copy the link to the tweet, Go to EZGIf.com and select the Video to GIF converter. And then paste the link. Or you can also upload video from a computer.
EZGIF (Video to GIF convertor)

Finally, you can now save the video to your computer after converting it from a Twitter video file to an animated GIF. To do so, choose Save. The image will be saved to the Downloads folder on your computer.

Thanks for reading my article about how to save GIFs from any website on your computer. If you learn something new please share and like it.

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