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How to Install and Watch MavTV on Firestick In 2022

by ubaid ullah 8 months ago in how to
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MavTV On Firestick

How to Install and Watch MavTV on Firestick In 2022
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MAVTV stands for Movies, Actions, and variety, which is a popular US-based cable and satellite television channel owned by Lucas oil a lubricant company. The channel streams a wide variety of content including, movies, entertainment, motorsports, and national mainstreams events.

If you have an Amazon firestick device which is definitely a great and portable streaming device and want to watch that amazing programs from MAVTV then here you are at the right place.

In this guide, I explained how to install and watch MAVTV on a firestick. You can do that after you read this article completely. So before watching MAVTV on Firestick, you need to install it on a Firestick device.

How to Install MavTv on Firestick

There is no direct way to install MavTv on firestick because there is no official app on the Google play store or Amazon app store. But don’t worry, in this article I will show some alternative methods by which you can install and watch MavTV on Firestick. The following are methods to watch MavTV on Firestick.

  • Use Streaming Services
  • Silk Browser
  • 1: Streaming Services To watch MavTv On Firestick

    If you want MavTV content on your firestick device then use the streaming services, install streaming services that firestick can support. The following streaming services you can use to stream MavTV on firestick.

  • Lucas oil racing TV
  • Fubo TV
  • U-Verse
  • TkiTV
  • Lucas Oil Racing TV

    Lucas oil racing will be the best alternative for you to watch all MavTv content. Because MavTV is owned by Lucas oil company. Lucas oil racing TV app is supported on firestick which provides all MavTV content related to motorsports. From the Amazon app store, you can easily install the Lucas Oil Racing TV app for free, and stream all content on your firestick device.

    Fubo TV

    Fubo TV is a US-based streaming service that offers channels like live sports, movies, and series. You can also stream on-demand and live content. Fubo TV offers more than a hundred channels to stream, including MavTV. So by subscribing to Fubo TV you can easily watch MavTV on firestick. Fubo TV is officially available on the Amazon app store, so you can easily install the app. Fubo TV app is not free, the basic plan starts from $64.99 for over 120 channels, with 250 hours of cloud DVR storage. For a family plan, you have to pay an additional $5 per month.

    AT & T U-Verse

    AT & T U-verse TV is a direct TV brand of IPTV service that offers customers a variety of content including on-demand movies, live TV channels, programs, and reality shows. U-Verse provides varieties of live TV channels including MavTV. You can watch it anywhere with AT&T without using mobile data.


    TikiLive is another popular app streaming service that offers 100+ live channels, TV shows, and free movies in HD. On TikiLive you can stream live and on-demand content. MavTV is among the channels that TikiLive provides, so you can watch all content on MavTV easily. From the Amazon app store, you can install this app and watch MavTV on firestick.

    2: Using Silk Browser To Watch MavTV on FireStick

    Silk browser is developed by Amazon for Firestick, kindle fire. So here the advantage is that you can stream MavTV on Firestick using the silk browser. Follow the below steps to stream MavTv on Firestick.

    1. Power on Firestick and click on the Silk browser in “My Apps & Games”.
    2. Paste this URL “ www.mavtv.com” in the field.
    3. After entering the URL, it will take you to the MavTv official page.
    4. Click on MavTv Button.
    5. After clicking on the button, a window will open, where you have registered through zip code.
    6. After registering you will get a TV service provider.
    7. Now, sign in to the application and enjoy the Amazing content of MavTv on firestick.

    I hope this Helps You!!

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