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How to Increase Your Online Presence

by Daniel Wittler 2 years ago in how to

In 2019, your digital presence could be even more important than your actual presence.

We are in a world today that is heavily dominated by gaining and spreading information completely online and digitally. We can find everything we need between social media and Google these days. Think about when you search anything on Google—it can be a restaurant, a new supermarket, a car mechanic. When you search you obviously want things in your area and you are typically going to look at the first few results. RARELY do we ever go to that second page, very rarely.

Now if you own or run any type of company, wouldn't you want your company to show up before rival ones in your area if somebody searches for your service on Google? Of course you would! It is the most obvious way to increase your popularity! This is possible for any type of business but you much know there is an art form into getting on top of Google's valuable search engine.

Search Engine Optimization

That art can be summed up in one term, Search Engine Optimization (commonly referred to as SEO). SEO has a few components to it and can ultimately increase your Domain Authority (DA) which in turn would make google rank your page higher! That's what we want! Google to notice our site is doing BIG things. The first thing to do when it comes to improving SEO is the make sure you have a QUALITY website. Between the aesthetics, the content, and how user-friendly the navigation is, first and foremost you want to make sure people will actually browse through your site.

Have you ever clicked on a site and been overwhelmed or confused by its navigation? What did you do? You left the site and went to another one! I don't blame you. This is what we want to avoid. Design your page to be pleasing to the eye and right to the point, no filler. Another thing you will want to do is start adding high-quality content, such as blogs, to your site. Once you get some nice content you can begin link building which involves having other websites link to your site. The best way to do this is through blogging for other sites or finding directories to enter. This is where the footwork comes in, reaching out to websites and trying to link exchange can be tedious but it is vital.

One more thing you NEED to know, this process does not happen overnight. SEO building is a process and something that takes time, as long as you are consistent and persistent you will see a change in your business after a few months. I am only scratching the surface here, there is so much more to this but I just wanted this to be an introduction. Obviously there is a ton more information on this readily available on, where else, GOOGLE. I highly recommend doing your research and getting ready to build an incredible website. Best of luck.


Daniel Wittler is a writer from NJ and also an outreach coordinator for Stodzy Internet Marketing.

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