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How to Get Betterdiscord For Mobile

by ubaid ullah 10 months ago in apps
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Betterdiscord Mobile: Get extra amazing features on the mobile discord app

How to Get Betterdiscord For Mobile

If you are a Discord user and want an attractive custom background on discord, custom emojis, or font styles. Then Betterdiscord is the best option because it provides a lot of custom, colorful themes for discord. Betterdiscord is a modified version of discord that has a lot more features, such as colorful customizable themes, custom fonts, GIFs, and much more.

But unfortunately, Betterdiscord is not available on mobile. Here you can see in the screenshot below of Betterdiscord FAQs.

Mobile Betterdiscord

But if you are using discord in mobile and want to have an extra feature in your discord that betterdiscord provides. Then in this article, I will show you a Betterdiscord alternative that you can use on your mobile and can get extra discord features.

Once you install the Betterdiscord mobile alternative on your mobile you will be able to change discord background, change fonts styles in your discord chat screen, use custom emojis, etc.

Betterdiscord For Mobile (Bluecord)

Bluecord is an android application for discord users that have a dozen of features that are not available in discord. Thousands of discord users use Bluecord to customize the discord on mobile.

On Bluecord you can change the discord background in mobile, change font styles on the chat screen. Also, using Bluecord you can use custom emojis on the mobile discord app without discord nitro.

How To change Discord Background Mobile

It’s very easy to change discord background on PC using the Betterdiscord themes. But if you are using the discord mobile application then you should use Mobile Betterdiscord (Bluecord). And that provides attractive customizable and colorful themes that you can set on discord chat background in mobile. Follow the below steps to change discord background in mobile.

  1. First, download the Bluecord on your mobile. Download from Here.
  2. Open the Bluecord and if it shows any updated version download it also.
  3. Now, it will show you the log-in window. Log in to Bluecord using the discord detail. Also, you can register a new account.
  4. Once you log in, then you will see the Bluecord section in your discord app user setting.
  5. Open the discord application on your mobile and click on the profile pic at the bottom right side. It will take you to the discord user setting.
  6. In the discord user setting scroll down to the bottom and at the left side navigation choose the “Blue Modes” tab.
  7. In the blue modes tab, tap on the themes.
  8. Now, tap the “Enable Custom Background” it will allow you to set a custom background on mobile discord.
  9. Tap on the “choose chat background image” and it will take you to your mobile gallery from which you can select the image as a discord background on mobile. (You can download free mobile wallpapers from Pexels Or if you are a gamer download game wallpaper from wallpapercave.)
  10. Once you download wallpaper from the above sites in your mobile gallery, then you can easily put that on the mobile discord application.

Mobile Betterdiscord (Bluecord) also provides custom emojis without discord nitro.

Mobile Betterdiscord (Bluecord) Custom Emojis

Without discord nitro mobile betterdiscord provides custom emojis that you can use in chat. To use custom emojis on your discord app mobile follow the steps below.

  1. First, install the Bluecord app on your android device and sign in using your discord details.
  2. Now open your discord app on your mobile and click on the profile pic on the bottom right side. It will take you to the discord user setting.
  3. Under the discord user setting scroll down to the bottom and select the Blue Modes tab.
  4. In the Blue Modes tab tap on the “chat” option.
  5. Now tap on the “Emotes Mode” and then in the pop-up window select “Nitro Spoof”.
  6. Now on a discord chat if you click on the emoji icon you will see custom emojis on mobile.

PS: Betterdiscord For Mobile

Betterdiscord is a modified version of discord as the name implies, it has dozens of amazing features such as customizable background, attractive themes, custom emojis, and font styles. But better discord is not available on smartphones. But if you want all these features on your mobile discord application the best alternative is “Bluecord” which provides all Betterdiscord features. Using Bluecord on your mobile you can set a custom background on discord chat, use custom emojis, use different font styles without nitro. Thousands of discord mobile users use this and it’s completely safe.


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