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How To Fix A Bluetooth Speaker That Won't Charge

by Sophia Mia about a year ago in how to
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How To Fix A Bluetooth Speaker That Won't Charge? Most modern Bluetooth speakers are fitted with a USB cable-charged lithium-ion battery.

How To Fix A Bluetooth Speaker That Won't Charge

Bluetooth speakers are a lifesaver technology we often use in our everyday lives. However, what if your Bluetooth speaker stops or charges. Typically, the Bluetooth speaker charging cable gets broken, and the main explanation is that the phone or Bluetooth speakers drop down while charging.

It is popular with a phone because it is heavy, although the Bluetooth speakers are not heavy like a phone on the other hand. However, these Bluetooth speakers are equipped with responsive solder connections.

Our first advice is always to buy a Bluetooth speaker with good ties. In short, you need a robust unit. Many of us ever have phones with us, but having a charger with you is not possible all the time.

You can quickly charge Bluetooth headphones with a phone's aid, and there are many other forms.

In this post, we will list all the ways you can list all possible ways to charge your phone and repair the Bluetooth Speaker that will not charge.

There are two explanations for this. The first explanation can be the unintended loading point, while the other reason can lie in the damage to the loading cable.

To find the key cause, you must first switch your broken cable with a new one and then verify that there is a problem charging the speaker and that it is in the charging port.

Suffice to introduce, let us now look at the main issue and repair a Bluetooth speaker that won't charge.

How To Fix A Bluetooth Speaker That Won't Charge

Most modern Bluetooth speakers are fitted with a USB cable-charged lithium-ion battery. The three items that will stop charging your mobile Bluetooth speaker are:

  • Inferior solder joint on the connector for USB charging.
  • Medium or medium voltage battery lithium-ion.
  • Faulty cable USB microphone.
  • With some essential electrical tools, all three of these defects can be quickly fixed. Don't put the handheld speaker out. You can fix it.

In this post, we fix a broken solder joint on a Bluetooth speaker for Aqua Sports. The same method applies to the speakers of JBL, Bose, Beats, UE, and Sony. If your charging port for your Bluetooth speaker is damaged, read the repair guide.

Opening up a portable Bluetooth speaker.

The first move is to open your Bluetooth speaker to see if a simple fix is possible. The USB charging port was loose in my case. It means that a cracked or broken solder joint has to be soldered.

The most challenging thing is to figure out how to open the mic. These screws are also concealed underneath stickers, plugs, or the grill tone.

You will quickly locate the fault after the screws have been removed. I could see with a magnifying glass that the solder joint was terrible.

As an indication of the issue, the micro USB port was also loose. Often try not to break the seals if you have a waterproof speaker.

Soldering up the micro USB charge plug

For all my work, I like to use a portable Weller gas soldering iron. It saves the need to check for a power supply. Therefore, if you intend to do a lot of soldering in the future, the way to go is a variable temp solder package. X-Tronic manufactures an outstanding iron soldering #3020 model.

A clean tip and a fresh dop of solder are quick tips for soldering. You have to hit the old broken solder job quickly to melt it again. If your pot is too big, you can file it for a nice OK pool.

It was time to test the charge circuit after resolving the positive and negative terminals.

That's when I had another concern. As the waterproof Bluetooth speaker battery was running flat, the defective charging circuit stopped the charge from being recharged. A quick multimeter test has shown that the battery voltage is near 0V. It should be 3.7V

How to charge a Bluetooth speaker with a broken charger port

The lithium-ion battery has sunk to a dangerously low level over time. The charging circuit was unexpectedly unable to start charging if the 18650 battery was near 0V.

It is why I had to get rid of my trustworthy Opus AA battery charger and 18650 to see if I could get the battery charging. The only drawback is that the lithium battery from 18650 is fully covered in plastic.

Any protective plastic needs to be scrapped or cut on each positive and negative end of the battery. It can then be mounted in the Opus loader. I used a small screwdriver and a sharp knife to expose the terminals on both ends of the battery.

You can then charge the 18650 battery on the Opus battery charger. I only wanted to put a little charge in the battery to ensure that the portable charging sound system circuit worked.

I could reinsulate the battery and mount it into the mobile speaker once the 18650 battery had been over 2V. The charging circuit began, and we were good to secure it.

How To Charge A Wireless Speaker Without The Charger

You may want to find a way to charge the wireless ladder without the adapter for a few different reasons. You may either forget or charge a Bluetooth speaker with a damaged charger port. Whatever the cause, we recommend that we take these steps:

Use A Power Bank With Connections On It

The first approach is to use an energy bank. Some power banks also have several connections, so you can only plug it in the charging port. Now, this works only with speakers with a working port.

These power banks are typically a little more costly and are not future-proof, but they can be an excellent choice for people who also fly and have a wide variety of appliances.

See If There Is A Wireless Charging Option

Often speakers have a wireless charging feature, which we don't use because there is no wireless charger. We forget that they still have this option over time. See your user manual for wireless charges of your mic. Speakers who are a couple of years old may not be able to do this, but new ones can.

Once you know if you can charge it wirelessly, you can purchase or use a wireless charger you already have. Another choice (if you are currently travelling or need a charge) is to go to a restaurant with wireless charging pads such as a Panera or McDonald's.

FAQs (How To Fix A Bluetooth Speaker That Won't Charge)

Why is my Bluetooth speaker not charging?

The three things your Bluetooth speaker can prevent from charging are the bad solder joint on the USB charging socket. Medium or medium voltage battery lithium-ion. Faulty cable USB microphone.

How do you change the batteries in a Bluetooth speaker?

Switch the Bluetooth speaker bottom-up, cut off the anti-slip mat, you can see the screw being maintained, remove it and unload it and then use a soldering iron for heating and drop the battery off on the audio motherboard. Finally, it is essential to weld new cables and matching plugs together.

How many years does a Bluetooth speaker last?

I assume that after the battery dies, I can use the USB cable speaker on the device. Let's say, for $30, and I expect it to last for a decent battery charge for at least three years. That amounts to 10 dollars a year, which is all right.


Your lithium-ion batteries must always be upgraded. If you're not using a computer for a few months, charge it every few months. The easiest way to repair your Bluetooth speaker is not to charge fault. It appears lately to be a common issue for many mobile speakers.

And sound systems of motorcycle helmets are likely to break their USB ports. I guess they're tossed around, and they're easily hurt. These USB micro ports are vulnerable. Don't dump them into your landfills.

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