How Is Technology Changing the World?

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What You Should Know About Technology Today

How Is Technology Changing the World?

The world is changing and technology is driving it. Many changes are where people in more modern areas are not even seeing it. The change is being driven by more accessibility to learning, such as an MS degree in engineering online. There are those in the more developed nations getting degrees in dance, art history, and the like. Those in poorer nations are getting those who want degrees in physics, engineering, and other degrees that will help shape their world. These are the people finding ways to use innovations to bring change to their little part of the world. It is slow, but it is happening.

Power Production

In the United States, people get to the point of being used to flipping a switch and having light. In places not so developed, that is not the case. Now, villages away from roads are able to get electricity from solar panels and wind turbines. Gas is not always able to be brought in for generators, so they find the renewable ways easier. Having electricity is helping these places catch up with the places they only knew of from visitors. The advantages of people getting electricity, especially through renewable means, have them catching up in many ways.

Water Purification

Imagine being able to drink water without worrying about getting diseases. That is a dream for many of the same people who had never had electricity. An island nation can now have the ability to desalinate ocean water, which saves the limited fresh water available to them. A village in Africa can now prevent diseases they had to cope with because they had a limited selection of where to get water. Clean water means living healthier. That ability has gotten to the point that it is now available in areas that people were dying because of the issue.

Communication Methods

Imagine being unable to learn the skills necessary to bring power production or water purification to your home and family. That is now being changed by communication channels being opened up through the internet becoming more available worldwide. People who had no access to higher education, doctors, and such conveniences a modern country does now do have that ability. Companies are finding ways to provide this valuable tool so that others are able to connect. This opens the entire world and its knowledge to people who had no idea of the capabilities. People are living because of this.

Medical Research

Most people in modern nations never understand how some diseases and conditions are still a problem in other areas of the world. While ebola still kills in Africa, the United States has found a cure. Diabetes shortens the lives of those who live in the jungles and deserts of the world, but is manageable in modern places. The research that healthcare providers need was hard to access in these areas. People were not getting the training they need. Now, with all the above, this is going away. People have access to libraries of information they never dreamed of before.


Modern society has many uses of automation, to the point that food can be prepared at fast food restaurants with robots. Water purification, though, works better with a form of automation to move the water to storage. Menial tasks are made easier, so that people in the less developed areas can have more time for learning and innovating. A person in a modern city can work on learning a skill to get them in space, while monitoring a burger-making robot. Automation frees people up to be able to learn and train to do that which is in their dreams.

Weather Reporting

Imagine not having the ability to know about a hurricane headed toward a city. With communication and satellite imagery, people get to know about deadly weather before it gets close. That preparation is saving lives. While deadly tornadoes are still a risk, scientists are able to warn of the possibility of them occurring. They are getting closer to being able to predict them. Areas, developed or not, that used to have fears of deadly storms, now have warnings so evacuations or preparation can happen. The technologies still have some ways to go, but they are moving fast.

Genetic Issues

Genetic diseases are starting to be understood better now that people have access to technology that maps the genome. Not all can be cured, but some cancers have been blunted. One of these technologies that are repairing DNA is called Crispr. It scans for mutations in the strands and fixes them. There are many more fixes that are needed, but this is the start to people not dying of what other family members have. It allows for people to live longer and fuller lives. While still in the early phases, the technology is being worked on to fix what needs to be.

People do not realize all the ways that technology is changing the world. Some of those changes are extending the lives of those who wish to lead their communities into a better situation. Weather is more predictable, the genome is getting repaired, and people are learning. That means that the problems solved years ago in modern nations are having solutions applied to places that appreciate the help. While many take for granted the chance to talk to family across a nation, others are celebrating being able to access an education from a world away. That means they want to be the leaders of further change and innovation.

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