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High ROI based Cryptocurrency exchange Software solutions

Cryptocurrency exchange software

By Sheena MarlenePublished 7 months ago 5 min read

Ready to initiate your own crypto exchange development platform with our secured cryptocurrency exchange development solutions to get a high rate of return in a short period.

Changelly Clone Script:

Changelly Clone Script is a website clone script that consists of all the existing features in the Changelly crypto exchange platform. Our Changelly clone script comes with additional technical features and plug-ins which help you to instantly launch a crypto trading platform similar to Changelly. You can also add/update the customizable trading features according to your needs.

We BlockchainAppsDeveloper - Outstanding Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, offers the best Changelly Clone Script to start your crypto exchange platform like Changelly with top-notch outcomes. We deliver Cryptocurrency exchange development services at an affordable cost and with advanced features.

Features of Our Changelly Clone Script:

1. Here we list some of the paramount features of Our Changelly Clone Script,

2. Our Changelly Clone Script supports 150+ cryptocurrencies and a wide range of tokens available for the users to buy and sell cryptos.

3. A Simple platform is easy enough for beginners to trade. Pro platform is for advanced users.

4. No personal info needed - The main feature in the Changelly exchange is that the 5. Changelly exchange requires no personal information from the user.

5. Flat fee - The users can trade cryptocurrencies, and it offers a flat fee of 0.5% per trade from the amount of trade you made.

6. Two-factor authentication - It has a good reputation and has two-factor authentication enabled.

7. 24/7 live chat support - Changelly provides live chat support for the users.

8. Quick and intuitive exchanges - All the trade happens quickly. Fast and secure cryptocurrency exchanges.

9. Multi-language support - Many of the crypto users will join the crypto exchange from different countries and they will interact in different languages. For non-stop trading, users can choose numerous languages.

10. Easy customization - our customized exchange allows you to add, update anything according to your business needs.

11. Transparent - The users will even see the fees that they will pay before you place your order.

Changelly Clone App

Changelly Clone App is a cryptocurrency exchange mobile app that consists of all the features of the Changelly app and it replicates all the functions and features like the Changelly exchange app. We develop and delivers the best Changelly Clone App which you can easily start your cryptocurrency exchange platform and high ROI. Our Changelly Clone App supports both Android and iOS platforms.

Features of Changelly Clone App

1. Changelly Clone App is available for both Android and iOS.

2. Completely customized and branding.

3. Dedicated admin panel to manage all the features and functionalities.

4.150+ cryptocurrencies and tokens available for the users to trade.

5. Lowest fees.

6. Simple and user-friendly interface.

7. Ability to choose between fixed and floating cryptocurrency exchange rates.

8. 24/7 support.

9. Quick Exchange Process - Exchanging cryptos happens within minutes.

10. The Changelly Clone App offers the purchase of cryptocurrencies with credit cards.

11. When you make transactions through Changelly, there are no hidden charges are applied. Users need to pay a commission fee of 0.25% on currency charges only.

12. Live cryptocurrency prices - Users can explore the cryptocurrency market and monitor prices in real-time.

Overview of Changelly Cryptocurrency Exchange:

Changelly exchange is one of the popular and reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. Changelly is an instant cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to exchange their cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and near 150 other coins and tokens. This exchange supports more than 140 cryptocurrencies & it provides the best crypto-to-crypto rates. Changelly’s trading is integrated with famous trading platforms such as Binance, Poloniex, and HitBTC.

Highlights of Changelly Cryptocurrency Exchange:

1. Changelly exchange allows the users to be anonymous. The user can create an account using any email ID & the email ID need not contain details about you which means the users have the freedom of being anonymous.

2. Changelly Exchange is available in all countries because it does not allow or request verified documents or verification documents issued by the government. That is what makes it universal.

3. In this exchange, you can easily convert a crypto asset into another for a fee.

4. Changelly exchange is open to adding new coins and ICOs based on user suggestions. This exchange is welcome for new currencies and altcoins and offers them a place on their platform for a small fee.

5. In this exchange, you can buy altcoins with fiat currencies. It accepts more than 50 different fiat currencies including USD and EUR.

6. Changelly Exchange is popular for its speed. All the transactions are processed quickly. This is possible because this exchange has high liquidity.

7. This exchange does not store any funds on their website. Users have to link their wallets with Changelly to receive or send cryptocurrencies. It only acts as a transferring medium between exchange and wallet for the users.

8. Changelly allows you to use your credit cards for payments. You can use your credit cards like Visa, Mastercard to make payments easily.

9. It has 2FA for its users and the users enable it easily.

10. Conversion charges are comparatively low from other exchanges. Changelly charges 0.5% for crypto to crypto conversions, which is lower than others.

Our White label crypto exchange development:

A white label cryptocurrency exchange software development is a pre-designed software that carries all the functional and advanced features that are required to start a successful crypto trading business. By using our white-label crypto exchange development, you can build and deploy an extraordinary crypto exchange platform within a week as per your business needs.

Why did you choose BlockchainAppsDeveloper for cryptocurrency exchange software?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper provides cryptocurrency exchange software development services to entrepreneurs and startups searching for one-stop cryptocurrency exchange solutions and cryptocurrency cash flow. Our platform accepts all kinds of crypto and fiat currencies. Hire our Crypto Exchange Website Developers who will design and develop high quality cryptocurrency exchange platform.

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is the world's leading provider of white label crypto exchange development solutions. Our white label crypto exchange development services included numerous features and functionalities. Our White label crypto exchange software is 100% customizable & user-friendly platform.


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