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Good Habits Start With You

Good Habits are the Key to Success!

By Lynne BlackPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

Good habits start with you. When it comes to your well-being; eating the right food isn’t easy. Whether you work a lot or don’t have the time to exercise; it is time to make changes in your lifestyle.

Good Habits Start With You

From sunrise to sunset, it is essential to take care of yourself.

When you are thinking about your habits; they are things you do all the time. Whether you do certain things daily, weekly or monthly; it may be time to change up your routine.

When it comes to ourselves; it is important to create the type of life you want. Indeed, we all have things we don’t like. But, how many of us continue to do these things regularly?

Since most of us live our lives on autopilot; why not take the time to take stock of the things we do regularly? For example, if you go to the same grocery store all the time but haven’t always liked their selection; it is time to find a new place to shop.

And, if you go to the same exercise class regularly but don’t really like it; it is time to make a change. Look for a new class to join. Or, if you don’t enjoy participating in an exercise class; try something new. So, if that is the case, change up your fitness routine. For example, you may want to use different exercise equipment. run, or take a dance class.

Because I am self-employed; I enjoy exercising at home. In fact, I have everything I need in a spare room in my home. Recently, my husband purchased a new treadmill and I absolutely love it. Meanwhile, if you are looking to buy a treadmill; check out my Treadmill Buying Guide – Everything you Need to Know post.

Also, if you don’t have a lot of room in your home; you can always buy a floormat and watch a DVD and exercise from your living room. Or, you can go for long walks outside.

How to Make Changes

Instead, of thinking about things we don’t like doing; why not make changes that can help us?

So, let’s start with work. If you are dissatisfied with your career; it may be time to look for a new job. First, seek out someone you respect and ask them for advice.


Of course, there are many things we all wish we knew before we started. Check out my What is the One Thing you Wish You Knew How to Do post for tips on making changes to live your best life.

Meanwhile, if you are not happy with something physically; there are certain things you can do to change this.

Negative images are things many of us experience. Next time, you look in the mirror; if you see something you don’t like; take steps to have a better self-image. Visit my Are you Ready to Feel Better About Yourself – Self Improvement Month post for tips on improving your life.

Good Habits Will Change Your Life

How many of us would like a do-over? Although you may not be able to do something over; you certainly can make changes so the same thing doesn’t happen again.

One of the best things to do is to make a list. For example, write down everything you want to do. Each time you accomplish something on your list; you will be one step closer to your goals.

Next, if you put on weight; getting healthy should be a priority. In fact, you can make a few changes by eating healthier and exercising regularly. Check out my Create a Heart Healthy Lifestyle to Reduce Weight post for ideas on an all-around better you.

Walk an extra step!’

Also, give yourself a certain amount of time daily to do certain things. Whether it is scrolling through your emails, or responding to messages; when you allot yourself a certain amount of time each day, you will have more time to do something else.

Don’t be afraid to say “No”. For instance, the next time someone asks you to do something and you don’t want to do it; tell them you would love to but you don’t have the time.

Power down!

Check out my I Am that Girl post.

So, the next time you look in the mirror; like the new you.

Introduce yourself to everyone!

In summary, when you start making better choices; they will ultimately transform your life.

As always, I welcome your comments on what good habits you have that has changed your life.

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