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God Did This To Fallen Angels : TRUE STORY of Angels

Unveiling the Truth: God's Hand in the Downfall of Angels - The Compelling Saga of Divine Intervention

By HalintonePublished 9 months ago 12 min read

God Did This To Fallen Angels : TRUE STORY of Angels

In this Grace Digital presentation, we delve into the subject of angels in the Bible. In the first part, we explore the question of their identity and turn to the scriptures for answers. By examining the Old Testament, we discover that angels are referenced 108 times. The accounts of Abraham and Jacob in the Book of Genesis illustrate how angels intervene in the lives of these elders. Similarly, in the book of Exodus, we learn about Moses encountering angels during the period of Wilderness wandering.

Exodus 14 19 says then the angel of God

who had gone before the camp of Israel

withdrew and went behind them the pillar

of cloud also moved from before them and

stood behind them

in total the word Angels or Angel

appears in the book of the law the

writings of Moses 32 times

the angels of God are introduced to us

in the scriptures as the host of Heaven

angels are real beings they are not

mythical figures or opinions

they are spiritual personalities and

have a physical impact just like the

Demonic world is hidden the Angelic

world is also hidden

angels surround us their Dynamic impact

is undeniable

although you may not see them there is

nothing that the angels of God do not


we might not be able to touch them yet

Angels touch people

you cannot handle them yet they can

destroy Kings

in the Bible the Lord chose a particular

Angel to go onward of Moses to Egypt and

he alone trashed a whole nation

Invincible is a major feature of the

angels of God

this invincible feature indicates the

point of difference between demons and

angels only the hosts of Heaven excel in


Psalm 103 20 says bless the Lord ye his

angels that excel in strength that do

his Commandments hearkening unto the

voice of his word

once upon a time there was a war in

heaven the hosts of Heaven Led by Angel

Michael battled against Satan and his

angels God used his angels to face

Satan's Fallen Army

Satan could not succeed and there was no

more room or space found for him in


Revelation 12 7-9 tells us and there was

a war in heaven Michael and his angels

fought against the dragon and the dragon

fought and his angels and prevailed not

neither was their place found any more

in heaven and the Great Dragon was cast

out that old serpent called the devil

and Satan which deceiveth the whole

world he was cast out into the Earth and

his angels were cast out with him

in any conflict the Angels always

succeed flushing out the opposition


in the world we see that angels have

never been known to fail

there is nothing that can arise against

you that matches the strength they form

the most beneficial Bodyguards of the


apart from excelling in physical

strength the Angels also shine in


the Widow of Toccoa and portraying King

David's wisdom Likens to that of angels

but my Lord is wise according to the

wisdom of the angel of God to know

everything that is in the Earth

part two the categories of angels

in this part we discuss their names and


the angels are of different ranks

our Lord even used a military term in

connection with angels at the time when

Jesus was about to be taken in the

garden Peter got a sword and tried to

protect Jesus the one he had come to

love Jesus said in Matthew 26 53 or do

you not think that I can appeal to my

father and he will at once put at my

disposal more than 12 Legions of angels

the word legion was a Roman military

designation relating to about 6 000


in a general sense probably the largest

group of angels is what we might call

the regular Angels most of the time when

angels are mentioned in the Bible it is

these otherwise unidentified Angels who

are being referred to to speak of

ordinary Angels seems a contradiction in

terms however for how could these

extraordinary created beings be

considered just something routine

yet in one sense this designation is

proper when we contrast them with the

several unique classes or orders of

angels that the Bible mentions


the cherubim are the first of the

Angelic order to appear in the


they appear right after Adam and Eve's

Fall From Grace

Genesis 3 tells us the events in the

Garden of Eden

it would have been possible for Adam and

Eve to reach out their hands and take

also of the tree of life and eat and

live forever after violating God's

command not to partake of the tree of

the knowledge of Good and Evil

So Adam and Eve had to be discharged

from the Earthly Paradise

so the Lord God banished him from the

Garden of Eden to work the ground from

which he had been taken however what

would have stopped Adam from reverting

to the Garden to disobey God another


Genesis 3 24 after sending them out the

Lord God stationed Mighty cherubim to

the east of the Garden of Eden and he

placed a flaming sword that flashed back

and forth to guard the way to the Tree

of Life

what a terrifying thing it would have

been if Adam had tasted of the tree of

life and so have been forever confirmed

in his Fallen nature

God sent a contingent of great and

trusted cherubim to guard the way to the

tree to stop that

oddly enough the cherubim subsequent

appearance in the word of God concerns

regaining what was lost

Moses was given clear and specific

directions on how to make various

articles of furniture that would be used

in the Tabernacle in Exodus 25.

the first described was the mercy seat

and the Ark of the Covenant where God

guaranteed to meet and commune with


what did God yearn to place over The

Mercy Seat he chose images of the

cherubim in gold

see the interesting description God gave

Moses in Exodus 25 18-20

and make two cherubim out of hammered

gold at the ends of the cover

make one cherub on one end and the

second cherub on the other

make the cherubim of one piece with the

cover at the two ends

the cherubim are to have their wings

spread upward overshadowing the cover

with them

the cherubim are to face each other

looking toward the cover


a different group of angels specifically

recognized are the seraphim the seraphim

in the Hebrew language means burning


Isaiah chapter 6 tells us of the

seraphim the prophet Isaiah recorded his

glorious Vision in these words

I saw also the Lord sitting upon a

throne high and lifted up and his train

filled the temple above it stood the

seraphim each one had six wings with

Twain he covered his face and with Twain

he covered his feet and with Twain he

did fly

Isaiah 6 1-2

what were the seraphim doing

Isaiah 6 3 says and they were calling to

one another holy holy holy is the Lord

Almighty and the whole earth is full of

his glory

Isaiah knew it once that he had no right

to be in the Holy presence of God and he

acknowledged that

Isaiah 6 5-7 woe to me I cried I am

ruined for I am a man of unclean lips

and I live among a people of unclean

lips and my eyes have seen the king the

Lord Almighty

then one of the seraphim flew to me with

a live coal in his hand which he had

taken with tongues from the altar

with it he touched my mouth and said see

this has touched your lips your guilt is

taken away and your sin atoned for

living creatures

in the King James version a third

particular group of angels is called the

four beasts

however another translation would be the

four living creatures just like the

seraphim they have six wings

and the four living creatures each one

of them having six wings are full of

eyes around and within and day and night

they do not cease to say holy holy holy

is the Lord God the almighty who was and

who is and who is to come

in Revelation 5 7 and 19 the living

creatures are depicted in a stance of

worship and praise although in

Revelation 15 the living creatures

engage in the pouring out of the wrath

of God on unrepentant people



another Angelic rank Archangel the

position is held by only one angel in

the scriptural record

the word Arc means chief so this Angel

is the most prominent of all the Holy


the archangel's name is Michael the

meaning of Michael is who is like God

whenever you hear that name you are

hearing a question who is like God

often in scripture as we shall see men

who received Angelic visitations wanted

to worship the creation rather than the


so how wonderful and great is it that

the name of Michael the Archangel

invites us to direct our attention to

almighty God

the Prophet Daniel introduces us to


Daniel had been praying and God had

dispatched an answer by the hand of a

messenger who was hindered on his

journey until he testified

Daniel 10 13 says but the prince of the

kingdom of Persia withstood me 1 in 20

days but Lo Michael one of the chief

princes came to help me and I remained

there with the King of Persia

hence Michael had to fight for the free

passage of the word of God every time we

see him it is in conjecture with some

type of spiritual struggle

in his role as a fighter Michael has a

special duty to Israel


in Daniel 10 21 and 12 1 he is said to

be the prince of that Nation

as we read ancient and modern history I

believe we see the hand of Michael

defending Israel as you know that little

nation has fought four Wars with its

neighbors since gaining statehood in


in the book of Jude the ninth verse

specifically calls Michael an archangel

and recounts his battle with Lucifer

over the body of Moses

with the Lord's help Michael won Michael

is the chief hero of God


another Angel whose name is clearly

given in scripture besides Lucifer is


Gabriel means mighty one of God

Gabriel lives up to his name for he does

indeed do powerful things

Gabriel serves God more as a messenger

in several instances in the Book of

Daniel Gabriel appears to give major

Revelations concerning coming events

particularly relating to God's Kingdom

for example after one of Daniel's

Visions the prophet wondered about its

meaning then suddenly there stood before

me as the appearance of a man

Daniel 8 15 and 16 says while I Daniel

was watching the vision and trying to

understand it there before me stood one

who looked like a man and I heard a

man's voice from the ulai calling

Gabriel tell this man the meaning of the


in the Old Testament we see Gabriel's

Ministry in connection with the kingdom

in the New Testament he is concerned

with the King

at the first occurrence Zacharias was

waiting before the Lord in the temple

suddenly Luke 1 11 says then an angel of

the Lord appeared to him standing at the

right side of the altar of incense

Gabriel then identifies himself to


Luke 1 19 says the angel said to him I

am Gabriel I stand in the presence of

God and I have been sent to speak to you

and tell you this good news

that good news regarded the forthcoming

birth of John the Baptist who would be

the Forerunner of the Lord Jesus

it was the same Gabriel whom God sent to

the city of Nazareth

Luke 1 27 says to a virgin pledged to be

married to a man named Joseph a

descendant of David the virgin's name

was Mary

what a great message Gabriel had to give

to that young lady

Luke 1 31 and 32 says you will conceive

and give birth to a son and you are to

call him Jesus he will be great and will

be called the son of the most high the

Lord God will give him the Throne of his

father David

Gabriel then is the one who carried the

message of God concerning the coming

Kingdom and The King God gave this

particular angel that enormous trust and



we find out the original name of the

Angel Satan in Isaiah 14 12. that line

not only names him but also tells us

something essential about him

how you have fallen from Heaven Morning

Star son of the Dawn you have been cast

down to the Earth you who once laid low

the Nations

because of his own pride and promotion

of himself he lost his lofty place in

heaven Lucifer descended from the

father's divine grace

therefore where does he operate at the

moment he is right here on Earth

two different times our Lord describes

Lucifer as the prince of this world

John 12 31 now is the Judgment of this

world now will the ruler of this world

be cast out

this land on which we live is under his

authority while the Angels Gabriel and

Michael have only single names as far as

we know Lucifer has many that indicate

aspects of his evil character

many people are familiar with two of his

other names the devil and Satan

Jesus also called him the evil one

John 17 15 says my prayer is not that

you take them out of the world but that

you protect them from the evil one

The Book of Revelation assigns him a

number of names including the Great

Dragon the old serpent the Destroyer the

accuser and The Deceiver

holy ones and Watchers

there are several minor categories of

angels mentioned in the bible such as

holy ones and Watchers Babylonian King

Nebuchadnezzar stated in Daniel 4 13

says as I lay on my bed I also saw in

the visions of my mind a watcher a holy

one coming down from heaven

Daniel 4 17 says this matter is by the

decree of the Watchers and the demand by

the word of the Holy ones to the intent

that the living may know that the most

high ruleth in the Kingdom of men and

giveth it to whomever he will and

setteth up over it the bassist of men

Daniel 4 23 says and you O King saw a

watcher a holy one coming down from

heaven and saying cut down the tree and

destroy it but leave the stump with its

roots on the ground with a band of iron

and bronze around it and the tender

grass of the field

let him be drenched with the Dew of

heaven and graze with the beasts of the

field till seven times passing by

could these Watchers and holy ones still

be at work today

part 3 the purpose of angels

fact or fiction

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