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Facts and Facets to Learn About Outdoor LED Displays

Outdoor LED Displays

By Running BoardsPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Kudos to the technological advancements and an upsurge in its prevalence; outdoor digital screens now encompass a spectrum of applications. But investing in such a product might be a massive mistake, given the availability of rental options.

So, if you are on the lookout for hiring attention-grabbing LED displays for events, here’s to learning about their facts and facets. Before everything else, get an overview of LED screens through their introduction.

An Introduction to LED Screens

Outdoor digital led screens refer to the mammoth outdoor video wall, utilising the LED technology. In comparison with the single panel screen (monitor or LED TV), video walls get constructed by connecting a multitude of panels together. That’s how this allows for a bigger size and customised shape.

These panels make great use of high brightness for visibility. Durable hardware gets used for resistance to the elements of nature. Big sizes accommodate far away and view distances by people at a single go. Talking about the applications, they include rental, monument signs, digital billboards, stadium jumbotrons, outdoor LED signage, etc.

Demonstrating the Technical Parameters

The following are the different technical parameters to learn:

Brightness: Being the brightest display technology, LED is a clear and precise choice for outdoor solutions. The wall brightness gets measured in nits. With the higher nit rating, brightness is higher.

Pixel Density

The smallest element addressable on any raster image, pixel are little dots seen on LED panels. Pixel pitch happens to be the unit of measurement for the tightness in packing the pixels. Pixel pitch gets evaluated in millimetres between 2 pixels’ centre on the LED panel. Pixel pitch

Outdoor Durability

The resistance of the LED panel to the elements of nature gets measured with the IP rating. The first digit signifies the protection of panels against solids, while the second elucidates the protection against liquid. Exterior video walls need the IP65 rating.


A pixel comprises red, blue, and green colours. With DIP, the three colours get separated. But with SMD, they get soldered together. SMD LED offers more image detail alongside smoother colour accuracy. But DIP LED is more durable and brighter. Both get used outdoor.


Video wall panels are between one and four square metres. With more giant screens, there will be a higher requirement for panels to form a display. While determining the video wall’s size, factoring in viewing distances, feel and look, and budget is essential.

Aspect Ratio

The screen’s aspect ratio gets measured by the proportion of screens of the height and width. A screen having a 1:1 aspect ratio has a width equal to the height. When you plan to display the full-screen 16:9, the video wall requires being 16:9. A screen having a customised aspect ratio requires you to custom-design the content in order to fit your screen proportionately.

Outlining Common Construction Modes

Here are the popular construction modes for external video walls. You can opt for large led screen rental and choose any of these construction methods:

  • Ground-supported
  • Wall-mounted
  • Mobile
  • Flown
  • Truss supported
  • Pole mounted

The LED provider works to develop the most effective construction solution on the basis of your requirements.

Approximate Cost of Outdoor LED Displays

If you are planning to opt for led display hire, it’s crucial to understand facets related to the cost figure. Video wall rental pricing varies depending on the construction requirements, technical support, and size.

Getting Started!

The primary step to the next-level outdoor LED display project is to consult a seasoned provider. Running Boards LED rental and installations are projects that need the expertise experience of professionals. They listen to their requirement, budget, and goals to aid you in planning for effective solutions.


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