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Everyone should have these apps on your smartphone

Smartphone users are increasing at an exponential rate. The ease of using smartphones is the reason behind the popularity of the smartphone.

By sugavanesh waranPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Everyone should have these apps on your smartphone
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The play store and ios app store section of those systems is loaded with tons of applications that can be installed as per the demand of the user.

The apps available in these systems can be categorized into many varieties such as fitness, gaming, educational, entertainment apps, etc.

The availability of multiple options in front of the user makes the situation of conflicts to choose an appropriate application. Using applications for ease is a good idea, but sometimes the user becomes addicted to them, which leads to decrement in productivity and wastage of time.

This editorial contains a list of application that will not only keep you active, also gives you boost in your capacity.

1) Todoist:

In our Day to Day life, it is very significant to keep a look on the important tasks. For that, you need a planner to keep all your tasks engaged. This is exactly why you need a planner in your life. Todoist makes a major role in your life.

Todoist app available in both play store and ios app store, which is a very simple and easy to use digital task manager. It is a great tool to organize your goals and tasks. Enlisting your goals and tasks in an important order will make you finish the most important tasks on time.

There are some other alternatives available ClickUp, Tick Tick, and Trello are also similar to the Todoist app.

2) Audible:

Reading gives us a different view, a bigger vision. It improves the concentration level. It is very necessary to keep yourself involved in an activity that consumes all your senses continuously.

Reading is that activity that freshens your innovative process and gives you a point of view to think about. It is not easy to keep a book with you anytime. It is the era of keeping things simple and easier.

Audible app available on both play store and app store that provides you readable material or you can hear to an audio version of the books of your wish.

An alternative to this is Amazon kindle. If you do not want to listen to audiobooks, you can read books in e-book format.

3) Spotify:

Spotify is a music streaming app which is available in the play store and ios app store. This Spotify app gaining popularity because of its wide range of benefits. You can create your personalized playlist here.

You can find more than 50 million songs from different categories on this app.

This app is free, if you want to get more specifications, you can go for the pro version of Spotify.

If you are a music lover, there are some other alternatives available Wynk, Gaana, and Saavn you can install one of these apps.

4) LastPass:

We can take over anything but managing so many passwords in this smartphone is very buzzing. Memorizing things is not easy for everyone. On a member front, I cannot remember big data like numbers and letters mixed in a password, I need to keep a notepad or a diary with me.

Even sometimes, I frequently end up with many failed attempts for logging in on various websites and apps. It is an app that holds the power to save your energy and time, the passwords will be saved on a single app.

1Password, Onelogin, and Duosecurity are some other alternatives available on smartphone platforms.

5) Brainsparker:

To keep our innovation on high of the line requires regular practice to do the same. Intelligence, solution-making skills, and innovation require a ton of practice.

Lots of applications are available for smartphones. Many substitutes of Brainsparker are available Unstuck, Audiojack, Blek, and Animal crossing are some of them.

These applications can work as a relaxing remedy during the breaks in the work area.

It is suggested that while doing any innovative work, keep yourself from diversions like social media.

These smartphone applications are providing benefits, support. The current situation also given the idea of using digital platforms.

Though the smartphone applications are generally free, everyone can use them without paying.

Nowadays, the producers are developing applications to communicate directly with their users, it is taking the business models to a high level.

The usage of an app depends on the user, it should be always kept in mind that it is you who is operating the app.

Do not let them rule over you. The conscious use of everything is very important.


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