Can't Decide Which iPhone You Want?

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Why would I pay that much for an iPhone?

Can't Decide Which iPhone You Want?
This photo is a screen capture of the WWDC 2018

Apple revealed three devices today, named the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr. The devices are supposed to be faster then before, have a better cameras, and have some improvements on the neural engine from the A11 to the now A12 bionic chips.

Let me give you a little background. This device (iPhone XS), I feel, is a re-release of the iPhone X after they finally realized that it was an unfinished product. The iPhone X initially started off as a very buggy device with most of its features today hidden in lines of code. Every user that purchased one of the first iPhone Xs had problems and complaints about this device not keeping up with what was promised... it took about 3 or 4 updates to get the device on what it should have been at release, but the design just wasn't there. Apple was pushed by the release of the Galaxy S8 to speed up the process on the iPhone X, due to the significant variances in specifications between the Galaxy S8 and the predecessor to the 2017 iPhones', the iPhone 7/+. The reason I am led to believe that the iPhone Xs is a should-have-been release of the iPhone X is because when the iPhone X came out there was supposed to be 3 color options and 2 different size options like the Xs. We didn't see those at the initial release so the tech industry expected Apple to release the Gold iPhone X when they released the (product) red iPhone 8/+. Apple let us down by not releasing the Gold iPhone X.

this photo is taken from Business Insider

The tech industry believes that the Gold iPhone X was not released because sales started climbing higher then most other devices. Instead of releasing another iPhone X, Apple realized that they would capitalize more off of releasing it with the next generation of iPhone's with the edge-to-edge display.

Now I can finally discuss information with you about the NEW iPhone Xs. Full disclaimer! I have not handled the device yet, so this is all theoretical information.

iPhone Xs and Xs Max

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Super Retina - Custom OLED Display (+ HDR)|| 6.5" Display (on the Xs Max)|| PVD Color Process|| NEW Advanced Face ID|| New Depth Control (Portrait Mode)||gigabit LTE||Larger battery with 30 minute longer battery life

The Rundown

The iPhone Xs and Xs Max are available to pre-order on September 14th, 2018 so get started on remembering your card numbers! The obvious upgrade from the previous iPhone is the color options, and the finish on the stainless steel bands hugging the screen into place a little too tight. This year we have 3 color options: silver, space grey, and gold. This isn't a big difference from last year but I will never knock having more customization options on my device. Apple now boasts that the stainless steel is now "achieved with an atomic-level process. Precision-machined, surgical-grade stainless steel bands. And a new level of water and dust resistance" (, 2018). On top of having these obvious changes let's take a look at some changes done to the internals. The new A12 processor is supposed to use 50% less power then the A11 with it's 4 efficiency cores, be 15% faster with it's 2 new performance cores, and take significantly better portrait mode pictures with it's brand new "enhanced" ISP (image signal processor). Now that sounds amazing, but is it true? Apple has always exaggerated when it comes to speed of the processors from one device to it's next year, and I can't imagine that an S model would be as fast as promised from the X but I do believe the camera should be a big difference.


The device has a beautiful design, you can really see that the new process that they are using for the stainless steel on the band makes all the difference in appearance. I personally love the way the gold iPhone Xs looks due to the darker gold used on the band, and how the screen is so welcoming to the eyes. Every time I look at this device I know this LOOKS like a $1,000 device.

Who should purchase this device?

Those consumers who are already using the iPhone X and are comfortable with the screen, usability, and shortcuts on the device. This device is the perfect upgrade from the iPhone X. If you do not have the iPhone X currently I would continue on for my personal recommendation for which device you should purchase.

The iPhone Xr

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NEW liquid LED Display (6.1")||A12 Bionic Chip||6 Color Options||Price Point: $749

The Rundown

The iPhone Xr is the approachable friend that will introduce you into the rest of the group if you're too scared to take a risk and engage in the the group head-first. This device is an affordable iPhone X and is probably going to be the most popular of the 3 for children, new users to the edge-to-edge, and users whose devices are slowing down and they need an upgrade to a more reasonable option. This device does have the A12 Bionic chip, and will NOT include the new Super Retina display which is where they cut costs on the device. This device has a liquid LED, which is comparable to the iPhone 8/+ display. The device does include Portrait mode which is odd because usually it's only included on the dual camera devices but is because of the new ISP sensor. The best part about this device is it's color options, which makes it difficult to decide whether or not you want the device with the better capabilities or the better customization options. That comes down to the user. This device is the SECOND idevice to include 5 color choices (after the iPhone 5c)! This device is very similar to the release of the iPhone 5c. With the color options and the entry-level capabilities compared to the 5s/Xs we can draw a very clear comparison. This is something that Apple is trying to redo for those iPhone users who have not been acquainted with the edge-to-edge display, and want to take their first step towards... THE FUTURE. This is supposed to be the direction that Apple will be heading, going forward. The iPhone Xr is going to push a lot of users out of their non edge-to-edge devices, and onto this new style making it a necessity for iPhone users. The iPhone Xs and Xs Max could not do this alone because of the price point, people don't see a value in purchasing a $1,000 phone if they have not used the iPhone X already. That is why ....

Who should buy this device?

This device was obviously guided towards those who are using devices that have been slowed down, broken, or someone who just wants that new-phone-reliability back. This device will bring those who were scared to purchase the iPhone X onto the new fad of display sizes. Once Apple has reeled you into the new displays, you will almost feel obligated to purchase the iPhone Xs because the Xr misses a lot of features that take full advantage of the edge-to-edge display.


I just want to thank those who took the time to read my article, you are supporting my passion and allowing me to continue writing and growing as a person. I would love to write more articles similar to this, and engage in other topics as well. Of course, if you have any suggestions or comments, I would love to hear about them. Come in contact with me anyway possible if you have read any incorrect information or have any concerns about my article.

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