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Beware of HyreCar

by Nailah Robinson 2 months ago in apps

A review of this car sharing app

HyreCar is a carsharing app for Rideshare and Delivery app drivers that need to rent a vehicle in order to do their services. People rent out their vehicles and are paid through the app per day. Renters can choose to rent for at least 2 days, and then they can extend the rental as they go. I was driving on the platform whenever I got some free time from my regular job as a substitute teacher (now a full time teacher, but it’s not important to the story), but after the experiences I’ve had as of late, I will never drive from this app again.

First of all, the cars aren’t always the best vehicles for the price that you pay per day. I had a car with an already low tire, go completely flat while I was on a trip. I paid for the tire myself, and was never reimbursed for it. I only did it because I was completely out of town and didn’t want the owner to know how far I had gone in their vehicle, but the owner was supposed to reimburse me. I was in a vehicle that squeaked every time I pushed the brakes, and it had to be returned. The last vehicle had doors that didn’t lock.

Secondly, renters have to pay a 99 dollar deposit, which they are supposed to get back once the rental is complete. The problem is that, with the last couple of rentals, the owner did not end the rental when the car was returned. Renters are left waiting until the owner decides to end the rental. Then they have to wait for the 3-5 business days for the financial institution to accept the funds.

Third, since we are talking about the owner not ending the rental, if HyreCar believes that the rental is late, they may charge for the extra day. They automatically took money out of my bank account even though the car was returned. When I called to discuss this, I was told that they had to wait for the owner to end the rental and that it was in the Terms and Conditions that they could withdraw money from the account when the rental is overdue. I emailed them proof that I had turned in the car, and they told me that they still had to wait for the owner to tell them that the rental was returned on time.

I took all of the money out of that account so that they could not take anymore from me. After going back and forth with HyreCar for 5 days, the owner finally ended the rental. I contacted HyreCar again to request my refund. They told me that they were still waiting on the owner to approve the refund. So I contacted the owner, who told me that he had already done everything that HyreCar wanted him to do. I contacted HyreCar again, and they told me they were still waiting on the owner to tell them the exact date and time that the rental was returned. I contacted the owner again, and he sent me a screenshot of the email that he sent HyreCar at 6 AM this morning, while I’m contacting HyreCar at 5 PM.

Finally, the representative at HyreCar found the email that the owner had sent, and escalated the refund to the billing department. I am currently waiting for the billing department to resolve the issue, and then I will have to wait another 3-5 business days for my money back. I am beyond frustrated.

In conclusion, beware of this app. They will steal your money like the time I requested the car for a certain price, and then the owner changed the price before accepting my request. HyreCar charged me for the higher total, and I had to show them a screenshot of what I actually requested before they returned my money. That time was a much easier time than this last one though. So I will NEVER rent from them again. Them taking money I did not authorize did not just happen to me once. It happened multiple times. I don’t have money to be just giving to HyreCar for no reason, and I’m sure you don’t either.


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