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Best Programming language to learn

by Beasts 7 months ago in list

Coding languages ​​are as common as any other field of expertise. Some technologies are highly valued, others relinquish their senior positions and it is no longer wise to spend time studying.

Best Programming language to learn
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Coding languages ​​are as common as any other field of expertise. Some technologies are highly valued, others relinquish their senior positions and it is no longer wise to spend time studying. For a professional newbie struggling to learn a program, it may be difficult to determine which technology to choose. Let me help you. As a senior Java engineer and longtime instructor, I can share tips on the most popular editing languages. Here is my short list of winners.

Top 5 learning languages

  • Java

Platform: Web, Mobile, Desktop

Annual Salary Estimates: about $ 79,000 (as Glassdoor claims)

Who the technology is about

This is one of the world's top planning languages. Java was created back in 1995 and is now owned by Oracle giant tech. Objective language is widely used almost everywhere. What makes it stand out is that this is a technology for large applications at the server business level. It is very safe and portable and well built. Java is widely used by major IT companies, including Google, Amazon and Twitter, to name a few. Java coding skills have been in high demand for a number of years and still do.

You can study anywhere

CodeGym is an integrated Java gaming platform. It is a well-organized course that focuses on practical learning. And it's so much fun to play with! The platform has more than 1200 functions of various levels. When you complete a task you receive confirmation of your solution immediately. You can download the desktop version but there is also a mobile version so you can enter the code from your smartphone wherever you are. During the course, you go from level to level as in the game. And at some point, you can start creating the game on your own. Try to see them for yourself.

2. Java Basics with Pluralsight. The platform provides a good understanding of design patterns. This is one of the stumbling blocks to the neophyte system. Here in this course, you can set this information correctly from the beginning. Along with many other good aspects of learning the platform should be tried.

3. Codecademy is one of the sources I would recommend to consider. This project is free and well organized. So you can create your own curriculum and follow your own learning style. Each course contains more than 50 lectures and interactive questions. And besides, there's a chance to ask someone from the community to have their own code updated.

  • Python

Platform: Web, Desktop

Annual Salary Nomination: $ 76,500

Who the technology is about

There are three key elements that make Python a rock star technology for learning. First, it is free and open. Second, it is readable, making it one of the easiest programming languages ​​to learn. Third, this technology is behind the most sought-after areas of Data Science and Mechanical Learning. The shortage of skills and expertise here is very high. In addition, Python has powerful GUI-based application modules that are useful for visually loaded projects.

You can study anywhere

Learnpython.org. This source is a great way to optimize Python from scratch. It is a collaborative study with more than 500,000 students worldwide. The lessons are well organized and it is easy to understand what the platform is about.

2. Learn Python the hard way. Although the title of the project sounds very challenging the reality is very different. Here you can start reading Python again without any coding knowledge. In addition, it teaches you to see the result of your code right away. The type of troubleshooting method used for code operations.

3. Name Python. The course aims to give you creative power and coding ability. In addition to learning the language itself (free, by the way) you can create your own games with the help of your new acquired skills.

  • Kotlin

Platform: Web, mobile, desktop, server

Annual Salary Nomination: approximately $ 136,000

Who the technology is about

Kotlin is a relatively new language of origin. It was first officially released in 2016 and is similar to my younger brother in Java. It was actually intended to defeat the elder. But I would say that there is still a way to go. Kotlin is widely used for Android development. And it has great support from Google. But it is a recent issue so some of the tools Java already has will be rebuilt for Kotlin. However, some big companies like Coursera or Pinterest prefer Kotlin more than anything else. A newbie may find Kotlin a little more complicated. But if you learn Java first and polish your skills with Kotlin you will be much higher than the average designer.

Where to study

Udemy Java Developers Kotlin. The course is a great way to improve Java skills with cutting-edge technology for mobile development. It is specially designed to help Java devs master the language quickly.

2. Complete Study of the Developer of Kotlin. This is another Udemy course that will put you in touch with Android mobile development. Digging into OOP's general ideas is also very important for those who are just beginning.

3. Kotlin for beginners: Read the Program about Kotlin. Here you can start with the basics of the program and move on to the development of reliable mobile apps.

Platform: Mobile (iOS and macOS apps, in particular)

Annual Salary Nomination: $ 96,000

Who the technology is about

This programming language is the successor to the well-known Objective-C, Apple's world-class technology. The company released Swift in 2014, as Kotlin is a relatively new code language but is already in high demand. Tech giants like WordPress, SoundCloud, or Mozilla FireFox use Swift in its iOS apps.



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