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Apple's next battle in its 'silent war' against Google

According to a report...

By IanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Apple's next battle in its 'silent war' against Google
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According to a report, Apple is still annoyed with how Android has copied iOS and is working to remove Google services like maps, search, and ads from iPhone.

It’s no secret that Apple and Google/Alphabet don’t have the best relationship. But who believes that the situation more than ten years after Steve Jobs tantrums over the "stolen product" Android and the patent lawsuits against Samsung, Motorola & Co. clearly relaxed, could possibly be wrong?

As the "Financial Times" reports, citing two former Apple engineers, Apple still holds a grudge about how Android allegedly copied iOS and is constantly working to remove Google from the iPhone. In the rivalry described by one of the engineers as a "silent war" between the two corporations, Apple is fighting on three fronts: maps, search, and online advertising.

Apple Maps

According to reports, Apple Maps was created because Google refused to give the iPhone the same turning instructions it provided for Android. However, when it was introduced in the autumn of 2012 along with iOS 6, the application was so flawed that Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly apologized on the website for the "Maps Drama". Already at this point, Apple did not want to support Google Maps, shortcomings in their own solution such as the general inaccuracy, incorrectly labeled or non-existent cities and sights as well as missing traffic instructions prevented the company from doing so.

However, in recent years, Apple Maps has become a fairly solid solution that allows iPhone users to use augmented reality and indoor maps to find their way around. Apple also promises not to track which stores, clinics or neighborhoods users visit. Recently, Apple also announced Business Connect, a feature that allows companies to place their locations on Apple maps and store information about them. This feature is similar to what Google Maps offers with its partnership with Yelp, but Business Connect can offer unique iOS features such as Apple Pay integration.

Apple Search

There is no clear need for Apple to work on its own search engine, according to FT report the second major battlefield in the fight against Google. Although Apple Bot, a search engine used by Siri and Spotlight, has been around since at least 2015. However, this is a significantly different service than Google Search.

And while it could be lucrative and satisfying to reduce Google’s 92% share in online searches, it’s important to remember that Google is paying billions of dollars to Apple for iPhone & Co. By the end of 2022, key employees who were supposed to work on Apple Search were also switching to Google, and Google Search was moving to Google.

Apple Ads

Finally, according to the FT report, the company from Cupertino is targeting Google’s bread and butter - online advertising. Google’s ad business accounts for much of its revenue, and Apple wants to build a new ad network to challenge it. This will allow the company to change the way ads are delivered to iPhone users and enable Apple to block third-party data brokers.

Apple did not comment on the Financial Times report.

New details on Apple’s AR/VR headset leaked.

Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman has now unearthed more information about features, design, and applications after several details have already appeared in the rumor mill about the Apple device probably named Reality Pro. The device has reportedly been in the works for seven years and will be Apple’s first new product category since the Apple Watch launched in 2015.

According to Gurman’s sources, Apple’s approach to gesture and facial expression control could be the most important selling point for the mixed reality headset expected this spring. The AR/VR glasses will be equipped with sensors inside the case that track the wearer’s eyes, while several external cameras track the hand movements.

In this way, users could select an item - such as a button, app icon, or entry in a list - on the screen that appears in the field of view at a glance, then press their thumb and index finger together to perform the action. A controller like some other headsets would not be necessary.

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