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API and its importance in mobile app development and marketing

by Avantika Shergil about a year ago in tech news
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Essential Guide to Using APIs in Mobile Application Development and marketing

We need no rocket science to understand the fact that we are living in an API-centric world. World's leading research and advisory company Gartner considers API management tools an essential component of the HIP (Hybrid Integration Platform). The HIP is an architectural approach that helps in connecting everything within the digital realm.

If Gartner's love for the APIs cannot convince you, Forrester thinks that 40% of the US enterprises will have a system to handle the increasing management requirements for APIs.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) hold a critical stature in the present-day economy because they allow us to share important data. Also, it exposes the chances of practical business functionality between apps, devices, and even individuals.

In the modern world, there are hundreds of APIs for ecommerce, Bitcoin, social messaging applications, etc. Thus, to make our readers understand the APIs in-depth, we have curated a guide to API with all its essential aspects in one. Here we go

What is an API?

Application Programming Interface (API) has three essential elements which will help us understand it better.

Routines: Routines are also known as procedures, are nothing but the specific tasks a program performs. For instance, the micro-blogging site Twitter provides platform search API for developers for analytical purposes.

Protocols: The format used to communicate data between apps is known as a protocol.

Tools: Tools are a basic set of building blocks that are needed to construct newer programs

API tool: In general, works as a middle man and allows the developers to build better pragmatic interactions between various applications used daily. Moreover, when you break down the API's definition, it will help you understand it better.

Role of API in digital transformation

API is essential in digital transformation from a technical viewpoint as it allows the abilities of one computer program to be used by another. We’ll now understand the role in detail.

Innovating according to the modern markets

One of the critical aspects that determine your company's success is your level of innovation according to the changing needs of the market. APIs allow faster designs and enable the companies to evolve according to the modern markets. It offers a double-sided benefit:

• It makes the process of monetization easier.

• The business can develop better products and stay ahead of the competition.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, your product can have its presence on more than one platform, increasing its visibility and providing it more space to sell. Thus, it is advised to employ more API developers for platforms like Facebook, iPhone, etc., to give them better advertising-driven benefits.

Glue to connect different systems

If you include an API development in your business ecosystem, it will bring in a paradigm shift and move your business to a multi-experience system. Moreover, it also ensures higher security levels which protect the customer data.

APIs will enable businesses to connect better with their clients, reach new channels, monetize their data, and render digital omnichannel experiences to their customers. Along with better customer experience, businesses can develop better platforms for their clients. The companies can also look to create viable products that reach the market quickly.

By reducing the time taken for a complete development cycle, companies can have a clear edge over their peers as timing plays a vital role in determining the product's success.

Revamping the supply chain

Ever since the global pandemic, the world has realized the importance of having a flexible supply chain system. By re-tooling the supply chain, the retailers would serve their customers in a better, faster way.

By using APIs, tracking and sharing information related to the data can become more comfortable and multi-faceted. With real-time detection, information associated with the defective products, the total number of units produced, etc., can be shared on time to ensure the supply chain's smooth functioning.

It will not be an overstatement to say that if the world faces a global mishap in the future, APIs have all the capabilities to keep the supply chain intact.

Constituents of a great API

Three simple components play an essential role in making a great API. They are as follows:

• Community

Robust communities are the need of the hour. In today's connected world, developers need assistance to develop something great for the world. Thus APIs that have larger developer communities are most likely to get adopted in the coming future.

• Multiple formats

Different programming languages are needed for various applications. Thus, if the API tool has multiple languages such as CSV, JSON, XML, it would work better with different applications.

• Proper Documentation

Detailed documentation is necessary as, without one, no one would know how to use the API. Clear, written instructions in the first step in the quest of making the API DevOps friendly.

Reasons that APIs are becoming a business buzzword

There are multiple reasons why API development has become so popular in the business arena. We have churned out some of the best reasons for you. They are as follows:

Saving your company from global uncertainty

If the present age companies don't understand that it would be impossible for them to cater to their customers without an API, they are making a huge mistake. Significantly, the finance sector companies have to step up their game and include API to bridge the gap between the demands and supplies.

Thus, to have the 'early bird' advantages, the businesses should start ASAP and save themselves from the forthcoming global uncertainty.

Providing better values to the customers

One of the prime reasons behind API development becoming the buzzword of the modern-day business world is that it has emerged as the most enterprising way to extract value from enterprise data.

As far as enhancing customer experience with API is concerned, we will explain it with an example. For instance, a shipping company builds an internal API with a previous history of their customer’s rights from their buying habits to their personal information.

With all the necessary information provided by the API developers, the companies can give better, personalized service to the customer and see the customer satisfaction level soar to newer heights. Along with the customers, the companies can provide better sales targets to their team and achieve their business objectives quickly.

Reusability and Automation

API designs have a high reusability factor, and as the building blocks, the designs can be used multiple times. Also, APIs are highly scalable, which becomes a catalyst in accelerates the development process.

APIs also enables automation as it simplifies the communication system between services and application. With automation, the mundane manual processes are eliminated. By eradicating the time-consuming process, APIs play a pivotal role in reducing the product development cycle time.

How APIs can help combat economic disruption

With APIs, the modern-day world can combat economic disruption in a plethora of ways. We have stated some of the top ways below:

Remote Services

Rendering remote services has become essential for businesses, more so after the outbreak of the global pandemic.

APIs can play a significant role in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors as there is always an acute shortage of medicines to remote areas. Apart from treatments, the patients can get a consultation in times of emergencies through video conferencing.

Along with the healthcare sector, as APIs play an important role in revamping the supply chain, they will help deploy other essential services to remote areas.

Better information sharing

Since APIs use an automated communication process, it becomes easier to keep a larger number of people on the same page during a project. As the communication is proper, the employees' efficiency will increase, which will eventually lead to better product development.

As your product will be up to the market standards, your business will have the edge over the competitors and will lead you to become an 'A-listed' company in your genre.


The coming decade of business will demand smarter solutions from the companies to keep them thriving and adjusting to the users' ever-increasing demands. Including API in your business setup will help you address the present-day situation and serve your business well in the future.

The perks of having APIs are that they can be designed for an 'unknown future.' Be it the connectivity procedures you use today or the revolutionary innovations of tomorrow, API has got you covered.

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