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A Mystery For Joe Biden

Unveiling the Enigma: A Mysterious Journey for President Joe Biden

By HalintonePublished 9 months ago 9 min read

A Mystery For Joe Biden

Not long ago, I conveyed a message to you, Mr. President, regarding your actions on the White House lawn when you signed the Respect for Marriage Act. Today, I present to you three captivating mysteries - one specifically tailored for you, one for the attentive observers, and another that encompasses all three, despite your unawareness. These mysteries delve into an ancient secret hailing from the Middle East, dating back thousands of years, and yet, you unknowingly manifested it on the very grounds and walls of the White House. This enigma also carries a divine significance. In recent times, you made history as the first American president to codify into federal law the redefinition of marriage, undermining its longstanding biblical and historical essence. This act, known as the Respect for Marriage Act, aimed to dismantle another law you previously supported, namely the Defense of Marriage Act. By signing the Respect for Marriage Act, you endeavored to compel all Americans to surrender to the annihilation of the cherished and sacred understanding of marriage.

definition of marriage and to sanctify

its alteration and you rejoiced in the


you rejoiced in the act of Destruction

with a mass celebration on the White

House lawn you sealed it all that night

by lighting up the White House in the

colors of the rainbow Mr President you

call yourself a Christian you were

raised to say prayers to the god of the

Bible but you actually have any real

fear of God that is actually real is

actually alive if so how could you

possibly have done what you did you had

to know that God's word clearly

identifies this as Sin and transgression

against him and yet you enshrined it you

hallowed it you held a celebration in

its honor you sought to force the nation

to respect that which God's word calls

Darkness do you not fear judgment or do

you think that God is silent and not

able to act

well he is not silent and he's actually

answered what you have done

there's only one place in the Bible

where God does not respect marriage it

was the day when he judged the marriages

of Israel that were made in sin against

his will he judged it in a gathering

held in the capital city just as you

signed the respect for marriage act in a

gathering in the capital city and even

though those marriages in ancient times

were given sanction and legitimacy by

man God said they were of sin and not


it was the day that in the Bible that

focused on the marriages that the

Israelites had entered into but were

exposed as not legitimate they were

Unholy and sinful so

what was that day

that day was the 20th day of the

biblical month of kislav the 20th of

kislav Mr President when you lit up the

White House as a rainbow to seal and

celebrate what you did that day the

respect for Marriage Act God answered

you God spoke God put up his own seal

his own sign you see when you sealed and

celebrated what you did that day by

lighting up the White House as a rainbow

on the night of December 13th you

actually did it on the biblical date of

the 20th day of kislip the biblical day

that exposes sinful unions unions of sin

you sealed the respect for marriage act

that day on the one day in the Bible on

the calendar kiss love 20 that is

specifically dedicated to the marriages

that God cannot respect and that were

answered by national repentance how how

did that happen you didn't plan it that

way nobody on your staff did but you see

God whose ways you disregard and

overturn is actually alive and well and

is not silent and he has spoken what

happened at the White House was a Brazen

Act of defiance of God by the leader of

this nation but as you sealed that act

the god of the Bible the God who was

alive and well put his own seal on it

you see God always has the last word

second mystery

you lit up the White House in the colors

of the rainbow but the rainbow does not

belong to you or any man or any movement

the rainbow belongs to God it's a sacred

sign signifying his Mercy in the face of

judgment and it's the sign of his throne

but as president of the United States

you took that sacred sign of God and

turned it against the god to whom it

belongs but there's more to it you see

it actually has to do with an ancient

deity a goddess a spirit just before you

did this I released my last book The

Return of the gods that reveals the

entities the spirits that are taking

possession of America one of those

ancient gods or Spirits was called the

enchantress from ancient times she was

connected to a sign do you know what it

was the rainbow and you know what she

was the goddess of sexual licentiousness

sexual immorality her ancient hymns

declare that she has the power to turn a

man into a woman and a woman into a man

she's the Goddess that bends up

sexuality blurs merges gender she breaks

the line she breaks the distinction

between man and woman male and female

boy and girl it is this Spirit which is

now taking possession of our culture and

on the day that you redefine marriage

you place her sign on the nation's

highest house the White House the sign

of the Goddess you are in effect placing

the nation into her hands her ownership

her possession a demonic possession you

call yourself a Christian but you took

the sacred Son of God the son he gave of

Mercy instead of judgment and turned it

against him on the White House do you

fear judgment or what it is to invoke

judgment on the nation you are supposed

to lead

I promised you three mysteries the third

and last one this one is not only

assigned to you but to every believer in

this land those who defend religious

liberty warned that the respect for

Marriage Act even though a clause was

added to give lip service to religious

liberty was actually setting a dangerous

precedent and setting the stage and

opening the door to the ending of

religious liberty in this land

you and your Administration denied it

and then your press secretary implied

that actually removing the clause for

religious liberty was on the agenda for

the days ahead now there was a day

recorded in the Bible when an ancient

King in his capital city in effect

sealed signed into federal law and edict

that was to lead to an attack to the

attack of God's people the persecution

of God's people throughout the land now

you as President signed into federal law

an act that specifically called on

individuals to fight those who would not

recognize the marriages and unions that

God does not recognize could what you

signed into federal law on the White

House end up unleashing an error of

attacks on religious freedom on

religious organizations on God's people

could it bring persecution could there

be a sign a mystery a revelation that

gives us the answer

in the biblical account of the king who

gave his approval his seal on the law

that opened the door for the attacks of

God's people against God's people

persecution it identifies a specific day

on which this was to happen what was

that day

linked to the persecution of God's

people the account reads quote

the 13th day of the 12th month that was

for Israel on Israel's calendar but

translate that to America Mr President

you signed that law on the White House

on December 13th in other words you

signed that law on the 13th day of the

12th month the same

day as in the Bible account the Ancient

King you gave your seal of approval on

an edict a law as in the account that

was for the persecution would end up

bringing persecution and Calamity and

destruction to the people of God on the

13th day of the 12th month

again again

God is actually alive he's not silent

and he is stronger than Kings or

presidents and again he has the last

word Mr President on the day you stand

before God the laws that you signed into

existence will not exist but his law

will exist and by his law you will be

judged repent be saved and for you the

people of God who are watching this what

do you do in light of these things

stand strong stand firm be strong and of

good courage do not bow down your need

to bail or any other God of this age and

do not be silent because the laws of man

will pass away but the laws of God will

remain forever do not fear the future

the future belongs to God no matter what

happens in the world in our culture in

our nation remember this God always will

have the last word and if the dark is

getting darker it's time for the lights

of God to shine even more brightly when

evil goes from bad to worse the light

has to go from good to great it's time

to be bold for God it's time to be great

for God for thus says the Lord arise and

shine for your light has come and the

glory of God has risen upon you this is

Jonathan Khan be strong and of good

courage shalom

hi I'm Jonathan Khan and I hope you are

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