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7 Leading UI/UX Design Trends for Mobile Apps in 2021

by Christy R. Diaz about a year ago in apps
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UI/UX Design Trends for Mobile Apps

7 Leading UI/UX Design Trends for Mobile Apps in 2021

There is no doubt that mobile technology is expanding at an enormous speed. The way we experience every interface, platform, or design is also evolving with that. Besides, in the UI/UX design, a disruptive transformation is also taking place.

Why do entrepreneurs ought to continue to innovate propensities to stay ahead of the competition is the fundamental question.

Customers continually visit numerous websites, which implies that businesses ought to take their consideration somehow and make them stay on a platform. To succeed while in transit is to develop an externally engaging and functional web solution.

To make your business successful, let us discuss what Mobile UI/UX design trends you should implement in 2021.

1. Dark Mode:

The dark mode will be one of the most enchanting design trends for 2021. It empowers other design elements to be featured, looks neo, saves the devices' battery, performs best in low-light conditions, and reduces eye strain.

Whether it's desktop or mobile devices, the dark mode feature is a popular web development trend. Besides, various apps give visitors the option to enable dark mode.

2. Hand-Drawn Elements:

In 2021, being unique will be the situation. It may be an ideal way to show that uniqueness would be with free-hand design elements that enable you to combine positive feelings. The overall design is not so much unbending but rather more relevant due to these deficient elements.

These unique flaws are welcome among users. The hand-drawn, imperfect, and sometimes scattered visuals add an extraordinary elegance measure, personality, and humanity to the whole design.

These imperfect elements will help add another layer of human touch to your image. It offers a refreshing new take on the field of web design that has been overshadowed for such a long time by pixel-perfect elements.

3. Immersive 3D Elements:

Users have been intrigued by the 3D elements of design for a long time. As VR and AR technologies have now gained momentum, this trend's popularity will grow in 2021. In this way, to consolidate these techniques to create hyper-reasonable 3D visuals that take up the worldwide user screen will be an ideal solution.

The trend enables the designers and entrepreneurs of UI and UX to prettify their websites. In these lines, they allow likely customers to stay longer and increase the session's overall duration.

Your website UI's high performance is one of the critical necessities for fruitful implementation of 3D design. If your platform is not durable, robust, and well-optimized, it will not support rich content. Thus, users may have lagged on your website, short response time, etc.

4. Floating Elements, Soft Shadows, Layers:

Soft shadows and floating visuals bring out optimistic emotions. They show the depth of elements and make the page of your site look slightly 3D. The trend is not solely applicable to designs but also to content, images, videos, etc.

As of now, a colossal trend about UX/UI designers is layering elements on top of others. What's more, they can likewise boost depth by adding delicate drop shadows. The combination of these techniques enables designers to build feelings of lightweight.

5. Mixing Photography With Graphics:

Another booming UX/UI design trend in 2021 will be overlapping graphics on the images. This approach allows you to unleash inventiveness and execute spectacular designs. You can use it to create product images and add realism to a financial or technological website. It is a great option to create images and add additional functionality to the design of your website.

Align the theme of the design and visual elements with your brand's personality if you need the maximum benefit from this trend.

6. Embrace VUI:

The VUI (Voice User Interface) can improve your website's online presence and leave its mark on your visitors. Virtual aid and voice chatbots have learned how to achieve popularity in 2020. They fundamentally transform the way users search for data, take notes, and improve how they use the web for the most part.

By adopting a VUI, you will get a severe advantage over the rest of the competitors in your industry.

7. Microcopy And UX-Writing:

Making the written content on your website more informal, more exclusive, and inciting can boost your brand identity and get your visitors more drawn to your product.

Enterprises and copywriters are forced to improve the way they meet their guests. In light of their target audiences' inclinations, they have made the dialogue-less formal, more standard, friendly, and even somewhat humorous.

Microcopies are another unique way of enhancing UX/UI design. It gives the website a fascinating tone and empowers you to get even closer to your users. Be that as it may, when you find out how to catch the brand's identity, it probably works. They are genuinely brand-explicit and can be exceptionally individualized in this way.


The above points will be the popular trends regarding UX/UI in 2021. However, there are still a few new things that will affect the internet more than we would anticipate at present. Try to pick and merge many tendencies to create an impressive and engaging UX/UI.

Bet it Mobile UI Design Services, at Evince Development, we strongly believe that UX/UI design's key objective is to allow the users to accomplish their goals. Therefore, do not try to overdose your website with many web design trends that may complicate the usability.

You can hire UX/UI designers from Evince Development. Our dedicated team will be glad to create a tailored-made software product for your business as per the best industry practices.


About the author

Christy R. Diaz

Christy R. Dias is an IT Consultant at Evince Development - Top Mobile App Development Company. She holds 5 years of experience in the Information Technology Industry.

To know more visit https://evincedev.com/

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