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5 Predictions For The Coming Years Of IoT & Mobile App Integration

by vin williams 10 months ago in apps
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Mobile App Integration

IoT (Internet of things) and mobile applications are the two most important technologies which will change the entire world. If we think about the interconnection of IoT & mobile applications and how they are contributing to the change for improvement, it is mind-blowing.

We are living in the world of smart devices and almost everything we do can be done through gadgets and smartphones. Moreover, IoT is going to make the mobile app development process easier than ever.

Mobile app development companies are building apps using the latest technologies like IoT. With that comes the change in trend and new upgrades in IoT as well as mobile application development.

Automotive Apps On Rise

Automotive applications developed using IoT are on the rise and for automakers, such apps are becoming a necessity.

Today, only the giants in the automotive industry are building IoT-based apps but the day is not far when IoT & mobile app-based automobiles will be designed by every automaker and we can see those vehicles on the road.

You can see excellent IoT-based automotive apps available in the market. Talking about this technology, the most interesting thing about this technology is it helps individuals to carry out different tasks without driving. It means they can follow the safety rules too. Here are some features that can be associated

  • Enable online anti theft alarm
  • Call roadside support
  • Attain traffic details in real-time

Now, it is not just about tablets, phones, PCs, etc that are connected, but robot vacuums, washers, door locks, toasters, etc are some smart gadgets you can find in the market that connect to the network. Certainly, IoT has made it possible.

Future Of IoT - Predictions

1. The Enhanced Retail Shopping Record

This is another sector where the combination of IoT & mobile apps can be changed to change retail shopping completely. For example, Amazon Go shop wherein webcams, IoT sensors, and different retail devices cut down the long checkout queues.

Yes, Amazon Go shop allows customers to shop just by scanning barcodes available at Amazon Go’s app. This app sends out the receipt once the customer leaves the shop.

Yes, this amazing mixing of IoT & mobile app integration has helped the newbies in retail to offer an excellent buying experience. In the coming years, more retail stores will spend money to adopt this technology.

2. Security Regulation

Looking at the current IoT features, it will be easy to respond to security quickly and focus on technologies. IoT experts are thinking about management and security in the long run.

Also, the regulators are trying to create a system that would help IoT product developers to identify the problems if the cybersecurity system fails.

3. Introduction of Smart Cities

Talking about the IoT smart city solution, many civic authorities may plan to install gadgets to trace the drivers & motorists breaking safety rules on the road. The gadgets, such as video or monitoring kiosks would make the vigilance task easier. Certainly, these gadgets will be inter-connected. Looking at the benefits of the gadgets, they will leave no scope for errors or other flaws from the authorities' end.

4. Improved Data Security combined with Auto ML

According to industry analysts, the chances of data leaks would see an increase in the coming days. It can result in firms losing their money. To stop the leak, the companies will have to invest in internet of things and mobile app integration-based technologies to enhance data security.

Also, Machine Learning would be 100% computerized and it will manage data security. Moreover, ML tool kits now are trending among brands looking for enhanced data protection.

5. Replacement Of Cloud Computing By Edge Computing

When it comes to data storage, IoT devices are dependent on the cloud for quite some time now. Well, IoT producers, developers, and programmers also got to know how important data storage & analysis are with time. It means earlier for data transfer via an IoT device on cloud, the data was first transferred to a secondary device and later to cloud. It also means, before sending data on cloud, the secondary storage organizes, filters, and analyzes the data. The entire technique is termed Edge Computing. It comes with a lot of benefits as it helps in the management of huge chunks of data transmitted by a particular device & reduces the dependency on cloud which is earlier overloaded.

Future Of Mobile Application Integration

1. IoT Mobile Application Development’s Future

They facilitate the control over equipment and people, the IoT is growing rapidly. The growth of IoT data & mobile apps offers users access to real-time information about devices or humans promptly. It helps increase the efficiency of the process.

When it comes to IoT systems, its magic has already started creating an impact on major brands, enterprises, and businesses. Large businesses have started investing in this technology to offer their users seamless connectivity.

2. Artificial Intelligence’s importance in Mobile Application Development

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in technology has changed the way businesses operate drastically.

AI-enabled apps are utilized by big brands to offer an intelligent customer experience using minimal resources and amazing profits at an affordable cost. Also, customers are enjoying personalized mobile experiences as compared to their experience in the past.

3. Impact Of Wearable Technology Over Web App Development

More and more businesses are emphasizing on apps that interact with most wearable devices. This helps provide information like a story. This approach will change a range of services and products in different verticals like health, hobbies, fashion, etc.

So, connecting wearable gadgets to smart devices comes with an impact on the next-gen mobile app development techniques. It will create a path for new trends of apps that will enhance user experience significantly.

4. Add Chatbot In Mobile App

Mobile applications and Chatbots are creating splashes in every corporate sector as both technologies help the firms gather large volumes of data to create a customized approach to the audience giving them a flawless experience.

5. Benefits of cloud backend for Mobile Application Development

With the rise in mobile apps for business the storage capacity can be a concern. Well, cloud storage is one of the effective solutions to combat this issue.

Well, Cloud services would enable smooth data collection for organizations. Also, security management and measures will be easier than ever before.


The above trends along with many others will witness the future of IoT & mobile app integration. The new technology will come in and will boost the emergence of the IoT & mobile app integration technique. The features of IoT are utilized by a lot of mobile application development companies to build apps.

If you want to take full advantage of IoT and mobile app integration, X-Byte Enterprise Solutions can help you develop a smart app that would excel in the long run. We help you get smart apps that will match and enhance the user experience by looking at the future of IoT.

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