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5 High Potential App Ideas That You Can Work On

by Jane Collen 11 months ago in apps

In a very short time, the mobile app market has grown exponentially and has become quite famous.

It's one of the fastest-growing markets and now businesses are focusing on building the next great app that will take the world by a storm.

So, here are five ideas I've thought of that you can focus on moving forward.

1. Biometric From Home – An Attendance App

The Problem: Since the COVID'19, some organizations started operating from home and adopted manual sign-in for attendance. The employees had to sign in by typing "Check-in" or "Check-Out" on company-wide communication apps. This was a hassle for employees, and the HR department also faced issues tracking employees.

The App Description: The idea is a company biometric app. The app will use the fingerprint sensor on employee's smartphones to mark their attendance. They will sign in through the app; the data will transfer to the HR department, making attendance and payroll maintenance easier.

A well-reputed mobile app development company in USA can help you build an enterprise mobile app like this.

2. Document Scanning App

The Problem: Not everyone has a scanner at home, which can be a hassle when you need to email documents. Some people use their cameras to take pictures, but that doesn't seem very professional.

The App Description: A document scanning app can use the smartphone camera to scan a document through the app. The app can have controls that dim the lights as required to ensure the document is visible. Once the user scans the document, the app can offer the user to save the document as PDF or Word.

3. Find Reasonable Grocery App

The Problem: People are always trying to save money and time, especially when buying groceries. They look for reasonable prices for every product that they buy.

The App Description: A grocery finding app can help find the best prices in their locality. The user can scan the grocery item at home, enter the product in the app, and let the app find the best rates for the product within 5-10 miles. The app will save time, fuel, and money.

4. Groom At Home App

The Problem: Although there are numerous communities where people can hire someone for grooming services, are they reliable?

The App Description: A grooming at home app will help people hire reliable and trustworthy people who can come home. The app will be like the Uber taxi app, except people can choose the best hairdresser based on their reviews and ratings before hiring them.

5. Find My Product

The Problem: The most challenging task is finding the product, especially for women. Did you notice your friend wearing a beautiful necklace, but she didn't know where it's from because it was a gift?

The App Description: The product finding app will help you locate every product you see others using. The idea is that the app uses the phone's camera to scan the product and an AI assistant locates the exact or closest match of the product and the nearest store.

Wrapping It Up

Excellent and unique ideas are worth giving a shot; however, you need to ensure your app is flawless and your marketing plan is effective.


Jane Collen

Jane Collen is a creative content writer and digital marketer at TekRevol. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing blog writing, video script writing, ghostwriting, copywriting and social media marketing services.

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Jane Collen
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