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10 Surprising Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with Chat GPT 3.5

Learn,Understand, & Evaluate this New Tool!

By Joel BrownPublished 7 months ago 6 min read

Chat GPT 3.5 is an AI-based chatbot that is revolutionizing the way we communicate online. It is a powerful and versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of applications. In this blog, we will share with you some of the surprising things you didn't know you could do with Chat GPT 3.5. I will also include personal prompts and search information that has helped me generate high quality data for my clients.

1. Write an Article - Chat GPT 3.5 can be leveraged to write high-quality articles for your blog or website.You can specify a minimum character count. You can also advise it of the “tone” of the article. Be as detailed and specific as possible.

Example Prompts:

“Write me a 800 character minimum article about the history of honey in America, please use a friendly but informative tone. Please highlight the other products made by bees.”

“Write me a 3 page article on the process of desalination”

“Compose a Nextdoor post promoting my yard sale at 123 Main St this Saturday at 9am”

2. Generate Tweets - Chat GPT 3.5 can be used to generate tweets and social media posts that are insightful and engaging. It will also include relevant hashtags, and appropriate text spacing in the formation of the tweet. It can create posts for most social media platforms also such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Example Prompts:

“Compose a celebratory Tweet about the Lakers win last night”

“Create a LinkedIn post about continuous learning and self improvement”

“Make a Facebook post thanking my followers for all their support”

3. Generate Content for Marketing Campaigns - Use Chat GPT 3.5 to generate content for your next marketing campaign. It is fully capable of performing most high level marketing and social media research and data collection. It has proven to be an invaluable tool to me as a digital marketer. It has drastically streamlined my workflow.

Example Prompts:

“Create a compelling article about mountain biking trails in California, reference the new trail finder 2000 gadget, highlight its features and benefits, and showcase its ease of use.”

“Create potential customer personas for new home buyers in the LA market aged 35 - 55 with a median income of …”

“How Can I get more followers on my Tik Tok page?”

4. Create Website Content - Generate engaging web content with Chat GPT 3.5 that attracts readers. It can also generate code for different types of software and page builders. It can also help educate and train you on Wordpress and other popular web building software.

Example Prompts:

“How do I add a header image on Wordpress 5.0?”

“Write me a introduction for my mechanic website homepage”

“Help me to create a website and email campaign for my new nail shop”

5. Plan Your Daily Schedule - Through a simple chat interface, you can even plan your schedule with Chat GPT 3.5. Input all the events and todos you need scheduled. Then get started!

Example Prompts:

“Build me a schedule for an 8 hour day with an hour by hour breakdown”

“Can you provide me with a daily schedule based on… (User Input)

“Give me the best recommended workout for chest development. “Give me a 3 minute version and a 15 minute version please”

6. Generate Business Ideas - Use Chat GPT 3.5 for brainstorming business ideas. It can do extensive deep level research on topics and subjects in seconds. Be specific on what industries and what your business objectives or financial goals are.

Example Prompts:

“Help me to make better investment decisions with the stock market”

“What are the most profitable home based businesses in San Diego?”

“What are the best ways for me to sell my arts and crafts in my area?”

7. Write Books and Novels - With the ability to write up to 3000 words at a time, Chat GPT 3.5 can be used to write novels and books. Just tell it what you want and it will produce. It's very good at writing anything you can conceive.

Example Prompts:

“Write me a 3 page guide on Earthquake Safety in CA”

“Write me a 15 page book on Proper Hand Washing Techniques”

“Create a Louisiana Creole Cookbook with authentic recipes”

8. Create Scripts for Videos - Use Chat GPT 3.5 to create scripts for videos that engage and inform your audiences. Specify the platform you are uploading the video to for more detailed results and best practices. Chat GPT knows what formats to use per video outlet or social media platform.

Example Prompts:

“Create an introductory script for a real estate agent in Southern California”

“Create a YouTube Script to showcase my homegrown strawberry channel”

“How can I make an Instagram Reel with my new puppy?”

9. Simulate Human Interactions - Chat GPT 3.5 becomes better with each interaction over time. The more you interact with it the more it understands your intentions. I've even had colleagues tell me they had full therapy sessions via Chat GPT. I mean it can pass the BAR Exam, Medical Exams and more, don’t see why it couldn’t simulate some good ole therapy. Try it out, let me know in the comments!

The Big Bad Autonomous Brother of Chat GPT, AUTO GPT can do even more. I had it scan my LinkedIn profile to provide me with personal insights and recommendations based on my individual work history. AUTO GPT provided me with very personalized information unique to me. We will discuss more about the highly advanced AUTO GPT in future articles.

Example Prompts:

“Teach me how to… like a mother would teach a child”

“How can I improve my overall mood today?”

“Tell me an AI related joke”

10. Learn New Skills - Through personalized feedback, Chat GPT 3.5 can help you learn a new language, skill, or subject area.

Example Prompts:

“Teach me Spanish as a complete beginner”

“Teach me about Geology”

“How can I build a greenhouse from supplies in my yard?”

Chat GPT 3.5 is a powerful tool that can be used in a wide range of applications. It can help you write articles and books, plan schedules and brainstorm business ideas. As AI technology continues to evolve, Chat GPT 3.5 will become even more powerful and versatile. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring the impressive capabilities of Chat GPT 3.5 today! Please like and comment your thoughts on Chat GPT and AUTO GPT or just AI in general.

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