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10 Powerful Features For An On-Demand Food Delivery App

by Jayanti Kataria 5 days ago in apps

Summary: With the advent in the on-demand food delivery app development arena, businesses are looking to invest in this field. So, what would an ideal food delivery app development look like? Well, in this blog, our entire focus is on the features that should be included in your app to continue shining amidst other apps in the market.

As technology is spreading all over, the new standard is to act warily. Furthermore, we as a whole should adjust to this for carrying on with our lives joyfully and securely! For individuals from one side of the planet to the other, it is currently not in any manner weird to see a no-passage load up external their most loved bistro, shut bars and bars, and no feast in cafés. In such a situation, If something has gotten an aid for them, it's online food delivery applications.

By conveying delightfulness in a solitary tap safely, these applications are turning out to be the client's top choice as well as are additionally giving a weighty profit from venture to food delivery companies and application proprietors. This is attracting numerous business visionaries to put resources into food delivery application development.

Thus, we should begin. Here are the 10 features to implement in your on-demand food delivery app:

1.) Simple App Onboarding

While application onboarding is an essential piece of each application, in the food delivery specialty – it is obligatory to give extraordinary consideration to this element. Envision how you feel when you are ravenous.

Allow us to tell – energized, energetic, and eager. Is it safe to say that we aren't right?

The equivalent is the condition with the clients of food delivery applications. At the point when they download the application (with the hunger to them) and discover the enlistment cycle is excessively long and tedious – they consider delivery utilizing other applications as opposed to filling long structures.

Subsequently, when individuals download another application for delivery food – you shouldn't request that they fill a long structure posing endless inquiries like name, age, address, or other such subtleties. Make it simpler for them to get into the application and use it.

Permitting join in a solitary tap utilizing Facebook or Twitter promptly fulfills the clients and moves them over to attempt the application feature by not burning through their time in the long enrollment measure.

Or then again, if you need to keep it formal by not coordinating any online media with your food delivery application, at that point delivery a name and mobile number ought to be sufficient. It's smarter to not entangle things for clients by constraining them to make complex usernames.

2.) Pop-up Messages

Whenever utilized well – pop-up messages can take your food delivery application to another level. Keep in mind, the rivalry is hard in the food delivery application market, and to stand out enough to be noticed by clients – you truly need some astounding features – message pop-ups is one of them.

It helps companies in remaining associated with their clients and improves the application commitment rate. Utilizing pop-up messages, you can pass on a wide range of data like limits, offers, area-based request dropped messages, etc.

In any case, one thing that you need to do while sending message pop-ups is that the substance in these should enhance the clients and you shouldn't simply send plain content promoting messages to expand orders.

Attempt to utilize pop-up messages so that they help your business application develop significantly. You can continually inform your clients about steadfastness programs, most recent solutions, and offer cafés to catch their eye now and again. Nonetheless, make a point to not exaggerate this and upset clients on numerous occasions.

3.) Reliability Programs and Discount Deals

If you need to build client unwaveringness, incomes, and make brand mindfulness, gamification is an unquestionable requirement for your online food delivery application.

Additionally, you ought to always remember about drawing in new clients to your food application by offering them extraordinary solutions, limits, and offers. As per research around 40% of food delivery application clients utilize these applications to discover solutions and limits, while around 20% of clients utilize these applications just to procure devotion focuses.

Accordingly, the details say – why it is a superb way to deal with carrying new clients to your application.

It's critical to draw in possible clients to win brand faithfulness to then foster brand mindfulness. That is the reason enormous brands give more thought to their advertising features in-application. For example, Starbucks reasonably expanded its deals by 80% when it dispatched steadfastness programs. The brand credits 40% of its absolute deals to this drive.

4.) Continuous Tracking

Incorporating this element in your application resembles hitting two focuses with a solitary stone. To start with, it will allow your anxious clients to follow the area of their orders utilizing constant GPS. Second, it will help your drivers track down the ideal course to reach at the client's doorsteps ASAP – saving their time and fuel thus limiting the delivery costs.

If you coordinate this component in your application, you (administrator) and your clients can follow the area and each development of delivery faculty effectively in the application. A portion of the incomparable APIs to incorporate this element in your food delivery application incorporate Google Maps, Waze's Navigation, or MapKit.

5.) Geo-Fencing or Integration with Beacons

Nowadays, without promotion, your administration is useless. What's more, when you are intending to enter a cutthroat market – you should investigate every possibility to make your essence felt on the lookout.

That is the place where coordinating area-based help in food delivery applications becomes an integral factor. The prevalence of advances like geo-fencing and signals have allowed brands an opportunity to draw in with their clients even before they think about the brand.

Also, in your food-delivery applications, you can utilize this element to advance certain cafés that will pay you for doing likewise. Alongside serving your clients well, you can likewise utilize this component as an income source to adapt your food delivery application.

6.) Simple Payment Options

While food delivery applications assist clients with staying away from lines before eateries – the capacity to pay in an application makes their experience one stride ahead by giving them more accommodation.

Thus, you should make the installment strategy very straightforward for your clients to keep them snared by giving them all installment choices in the application.

You should add however much as could reasonably be expected installment techniques in your application to give a consistent food delivery experience to your clients. For instance, Credit or Debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Online Banking, Cash on Delivery, and so forth, and so on

7.) Personalization

Personalization has become an important component in On-Demand Applications today.

In this element, the application tracks and investigates the client's exercises in the application and proposes administrations and items dependent on what they like or are probably going to purchase more. It helps in attracting and building your relationship with the clients of your application. It likewise helps in client maintenance as they are getting what they need with the least endeavors.

8.) Chatbots Integration

Consider having an individual who knows every one of your inclinations and recommends you dinners to eat day by day. Wouldn't it be phenomenal?

Chatbot capacities similarly for your clients. While it is a moderate innovation – a few business visionaries are utilizing it for offering customized types of assistance to their clients.

A chatbot is an AI-based PC program that mimics correspondence with clients to answer their fundamental questions like What's the best eatery around there? With the utilization of AI, chatbots are not simply confined to being a replying mail that resolves essential inquiries. They in a real sense can help clients in discovering what they need.

9.) Contactless Drop-Offs

Considering the current conditions where everyone fears contracting the infection, it is required to incorporate the contactless delivery included in your application.

Leaving food bundles on doorsteps or informing your driver a picture of where you need your feast dropped off – these are the new ways utilizing which clients like to get their orders nowadays.

Thus, consider adding this element If you are intending to dispatch your application at any point shortly.

10.) Surveys and Ratings

Getting criticism from clients is the most un-troublesome and most ideal method of getting bits of knowledge to improve your application. Likewise, it is essential to continually audit and carry out significant features in your application to keep yourself refreshed on the lookout.

Likewise, who may be the awesome recommended changes than your clients to make your application better? That is the reason it is imperative to add this system in your application to allow your clients to impart their encounters to you.


Based on the important pointers above, these powerful features if implemented perfectly shall result in the success of your on-demand food delivery app development. Keep focusing on the right things and your business will shine.

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Jayanti Katariya is the founder and CEO of Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd., a top-notch mobile app development company. Having possessed the market knowledge of different domains for more than a decade, he is known for keeping up with the latest trends and technologies to adopt and implement for the best.

Jayanti Kataria
Jayanti Kataria
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